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One, two, three, game Kiko Creek!

The school teaches lessons of magic Alfea light magic, and became known for its best students

While still a student girls themselves, they apply knowledge using the power of magic in the fight against monsters. To do this more effectively, they began raising their own assistants – pixies. But even they had a mutual friend and helper – small nimble rabbit, which gave parents Bloom. He was so pleased with the audience of the animated series and gamers that about him began to create individual games Kiko Action.

Skipping after Kiki

The culinary preferences of all rabbits are known –, juicy, sweet, ripe carrot. This is subject to addiction and Kiko, but because almost every toy he tries to get her. He also playful and curious that at times brings him in danger. But thanks to the ingenuity and your help, he finds a way out of difficulties.
By studying the range of fun with Kiko, you'll see the favorite areas:

Let's see how fun little rabbit. He likes to relax among the attractions, to change the interior of his room, regales carrot salad in the cafe, swing, on the banks of the pitch to build a castle and swim through the waves lap. Opening the game Winx Action Kiko, a ride with him and little pixies on a sled, and while you're down, collect magic items, which can be useful Bloom.
Once the rabbit got into the present through the looking glass, and it is terrible to see around their reflection. He flees, and the road meets terrible monsters. Let Kiko kid does, but it can stand up for themselves, and deftly to deal with enemies.
And again, adventure game Kiko help offer pet Bloom collect tasty, appetizing crunchy carrots. Get it is becoming increasingly difficult, but the kid is stubborn and very hungry, but because none of the barrier will not prevent to achieve the desired. Help him to climb ladders, move through dangerous areas, to avoid captivity in the branches of poisonous plants and paws monsters.
His favorite carrot not a simple treat – it gives him the strength and agility, speed and gives help to overcome any obstacles. No wonder it continues to hunt for it, destroying hairy spiders. When you see the stars, try to collect them to earn player points.

With Kiko not boring

Games for girls Kiko filled with adventures and fascinating stories. Once the rabbit turned away from the hostess, and really wants to go back to it to help, if that need support.
It does not stop no difficulties, and let it scare a great way to Carrier vehicle, he is determined to go it. In order not to fall under the wheels Expectant right moment and then jump forward. Another test of Kiko waiting near the river, which can not be forded, but only for floating logs. This support is unreliable, but the rabbit is very agile, and able to hold, without falling into the water.
Even the most jumpy and tireless kids get tired of active play, and it's time to go our hero in a crib. Take care of him until he falls asleep. In order to sleep Kiko was sweet, treat him a carrot to please soap bubbles, cubes, balls, teddy bear, and then let him close his eyes and relax.
All games are free Kiko presented for entertainment fans Winx. Stories keep a lot of interesting, and they will discover the secrets during your stay in them, and the cute rabbit Kiko will show you the shortest way.

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