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Keepers of the Dream guard children's happiness

Keepers of dreams – is an animated feature film about a magical world in which there is a place of miracles. Heroes fight evil and going through all the trials that fell to their share, win. Cartoon is very good, like this tale for children around the world.
The story told in the film, tells us that there are good heroes, fairies and Santa Claus, they keep the most valuable – hopes and dreams of all children in the world. The evil spirit named Kromeshnik brings nightmares to children's dreams, he has a plan to steal all the children's dreams and belief in miracles and fill out all fear. Cartoon characters join forces to fight evil and become a team of Guardians, the team includes:

The whole story is full of fantasy and magic, watching the film, the viewer is experiencing different emotions, upset her sad moments, but they are immediately replaced by joyful feelings. The heroes of the animated film won many admirers among both children and adults. Authors and developers of computer entertainment was moved Ice Jack and other characters from the film in the virtual world by creating multiple versions of the game Keepers of dreams. Everyone can now select a project to taste, and continue the adventure with the heroes of fairy tales.

Games Keepers of Dreams: The Adventure Continues

In the game free to play Dream Keepers can both children and adults, all versions online, they do not need to download and install on the personal computer. No registration is required. The authors created based on the cartoon version of the game are different, they are all in good quality with an excellent colorful graphics and clear, that the atmosphere of the fantastic story of the film and the characters. All projects with wonderful music and sound design that bring a good mood. The Keepers of Dreams game play will be interesting as the youngest users, and their parents, as some projects to really challenge the players.
released a wide variety of genres, games Keepers of Dreams Action adventure lovers who are interested to travel through the fabulous world, collect valuable artifacts, and bonus points on the way to meet all sorts of villains and monsters gaining victory over them. Games tiered so the farther the player is taken, the coherence and the landscape becomes more enemies encountered along the way. Having won the maximum number of points, you can share your achievements with your friends, or to lead the game leader boards.
Keepers of Dreams game for girls who like a more leisurely entertainment, you can find puzzles of different difficulty levels, look for hidden objects in famous scenes in the animated film, and some versions have a high level of complexity, but if the first attempt does not work, you can always start again.
All the games for PC not just entertainment, every genre is developing certain skills, such as finding objects or hidden characters care and diligence, but also a great way to playfully learn the alphabet. Adventure, train fine motor skills and make nimble fingers.