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Games Family Guy

Games Family Guy: the typical American family

It's time to laugh, so open the game Griffin, and enjoy the absurd, comical stories in which invites you to a fun little family.
Since 1999, fans of the animated comedy watching new releases sitcom "Family Guy," makes fun of relevant topics: politics, obesity, feminism, slavery, racism, sexual orientation and others. On the basis of time to receive other products: comics, books, DVD, pinball machine and computer games.

Greetings from Family Guy

The family in question lives in Quahog – fictional town, and its members – ordinary people with delusions, phobias, problems and joys. Guy considered a dysfunctional family, and the head of the family seems to be the most narrow-minded. But the rest of the characters are not very impressive ingenuity, but it must be said about each a little more than that happened more accurate picture

  • Peter – The head of the family. A typical blue collar working at a modest hourly fee. Clumsy and stupid.
  • Lois – Peter's wife. She comes from a family of wealthy parents Pyutershmidtov occupying a high position in the society of New England. Once a music teacher, now a homemaker, wife and mother.
  • Meg – teenage daughter, which is difficult to fit into society. Even own family often ignores or ridicules it, not to mention the school environment.
  • Chris – teenage son with excess weight and lack of IQ, which greatly resembles his father.
  • Stewie – artful baby with sadistic manners. Make plans to take over the world.
  • The dog Brian – shows an aristocrat, drinking martinis and able to speak, while retaining the dog's habits.
  • It's time to start playing!

    Gaming products are not deprived of their original style and humor, and therefore represent the Griffin children's games, and options for a more adult audience.

  • Coloring
  • Puzzles
  • Maps
  • Puzzle
  • Dress
  • Race
  • In memory
  • Shooting  
  • Fighting for two
  • The catch phrase
  • You will find all members of the family and, of course, want to take part in their fun. With Stewie bike ride on the dangerous roads. This restless child chooses a fun life-threatening, and if you do not help him get around all the obstacles could end sadly. But what is a bicycle when you can experience even more drive, reseeding at the wheel of the truck. And the kid has wheels on it, carrying a heavy load, and then the road safety is not happy.
    Help Stewie realize the dream of supremacy, if not in the whole world, at least within the family. To become its head, you just have to destroy the family of ion guns. Hunting begins, but production is moving too fast. Yet it can dress up or solve a puzzle by destroying the twin identical fragments to discover hidden beneath the image. Games Family Guy with Peter amuse you, too. Brian he must drag the sofa at home in the garage, but even as a short way to overcome the challenge. Hero conducted a fire blasters, and should fall into the line of dog and Peter, that's all over.
    After all of the experience does not hurt to wet his throat in his favorite bar "Drunk oyster", but when Peter went back to the way it blocked the mad rooster. In order to get inside places, have to fight a new enemy. Grab the crystals that make up the character's strength, when you play in the game Family Guy. Also collect paired memory card with its participation, play solitaire, or punish in four different ways.