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Games father's daughters

Games Father's Daughter for girls about girls

When the two children in the family, they do not get bored. Three – is considered a large family. But Sergey A. Vasnetsov as many as five, and all live together, although the characters and they have different tastes. "Father's Daughter" – Russian TV series, the output from 2007 to 2013, and during this time the audience had time to fall in love and get to know the girls, as well as admire the patience of head of the family who is forced to raise them alone.
The series is easy to understand, with a straightforward but pleasant humor. It also raises important questions of life and offers a solution. It addresses issues of love, growing up, the development of talent, the choice of priorities of youth subcultures. Life is never easy, but together you can overcome any obstacle. The series has repeatedly won the ratings and became the owner of four awards Taffy. Daddy's Girls games continue to develop the topics of interest to women, and offer to fill the leisure interesting occupation.

Vasnetsov invited to visit

If a little forgotten heroes of the series, let us remember them now, because they are found in all subjects of the game Treasures of Montezuma 2.

  • Sergey Vasnetsov – Pope girls. To keep the large family, all day at work, but even do not mortally weary shrugs off the problems daughters. He tries to delve into the case of each, to give advice, to participate in the important moments, and for all there pocket money.  
  • Ludmila Vasnetsov – mom girls and ex-wife of Sergei Alekseyevich. She left the family a long time, but if you ask her for help, she immediately come running. Although the person it is quite windy, it has kindness and sensitivity.
  • Mary – the eldest girls. Stylish, beautiful, charming, often uses natural charm to achieve desired by males. Mind does not shine, but so far to solve the problems it lacks a catchy appearance.
  • Dasha – next in seniority sister. GoĢ’tov devoted following code to which belongs, as shown by its always black dress, makeup and hair. But once he left a gloomy club, disillusioned with the representatives of its elite.
  • Eugene – an avid athlete and cheerleader favorite clubs. The most lively, energetic and active girls. When it came time to choose the future – sports career or a stable job, show wisdom by the latter. However, far from calling it not gone, because her work – sports commentator.
  • Galina – the most intelligent, sensible, sedate. She is interested in all of science, and that it predicted a bright academic future, but it all shocked, entered with his high school love – Polezhaykina in the Police Academy.
  • Pauline – is the little sister, which is affectionately called buttons. The curious, playful, fun-loving and rather capricious. It is believed to be the most similar to my mother when she grows up.  
  • Games in the style of Vasnetsov

    Games Father's Daughter free entertained, inviting numerous Dress. Girls are girls, no matter how clever were not, and they want to please. His room, they also furnish to your liking, and the interior design is also presented to Father's Daughter games to play for free. In tests to find out to whom the sisters of Vasnetsov you like, cook them dinner, stay their nanny, and stroll around the zoo. With them, you've been at the ball, cinema, clubs, dolphins, and the game Daddy's Girls go to the sea offers to help them come to visit. Each girl to ask you, and that the holiday was a success, all Vasnetsov help solve their problems, so that nothing clouded trip.