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Game Samurai VS Zombies  online
Samurai VS Zombies

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Game Samurai VS Zombies  online
Samurai VS Zombies
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Murderous game Zombotron

Going to the game Zombotron for free, imagine yourself on a distant planet, surrounded by not very pleasant company – zombies. You dressed in suit with strong armor, but do not relax, because everyone has their weaknesses – Achilles' heel. Weapons have also excellent, but the cartridges run out, and they need to save. Just a few shots given out to hit the rebels zombies.
In the history of games for boys Zombotron a retired scientist, and began his dangerous experiments. It is unclear what motivated the brain mad professor, but he's been looking for a way to turn people into the living dead. Surely, if his target would be more noble, for example, invent a universal remedy for all ills, it is in my life would not come close to the goal. But the idea of ​​carrying a deadly threat is always somehow work out. This scholar also agreed all the formulas and the elixir, codenamed "Zombie" was successful.

The epidemic, which must be prevented

All event takes place on the unexplored planet Zombotron.

  • You will visit the labyrinth  
  • face with traps
  • See a poisonous spiders
  • Enemy robots
  • Fight skeletons and mutants
  • Will use weapons
  • To solve the puzzle
  • The game Zombotron Time Machine continues the adventures that are presented in a series of sequels. The ship landed badly on the planet, and to start and return home, we must find a way to repair it. Astronauts have to explore the area in search of useful materials. The path runs through the unfriendly labyrinths and caves filled with thousands of zombies, robots and aggressive skeletons. To get to the details of the ship, it is necessary to keep weapons and ready to use, if there was another nearby enemy.
    When the elements are assembled, the astronaut was delighted with the opportunity to get out the inhospitable planet, but the joy was premature. The fuel tank is not at all what it means to a new campaign and tasks.

    The hunting season on zombies is always open

    The story of the battle between you and bloodthirsty zombies long, and divided into parts. Zombotron Game 1 start it with the landing of the space traveler on an unknown planet where the heroes have come a long way and the war with evil spirits. Fighting initially have a pistol, but as you progress through the levels becomes available shotgun, then automatic, grenade launcher and other weapons. Will you also a glimpse into the store to buy a first aid kit, body armor and bullets grenades. The next part of the game Zombotron 2 again sends a terrible alien planet where again over 16 levels and have Mara blood. There will already be available to transport, and in a way there are explosive barrels, traps and secrets. In addition to firearms, you can buy different swords and knives, but it should be selected from the drop-down destroyed enemies coins. The rest of the action earlier – wander and kill the zombies coming across the front.
    It seems, shooting thousands of rounds of ammunition and hundreds of grenades undermining, no monster will not survive. And our hero, too, so decided therefore going to fly home. But if he succeeded, there would be no game Zombotron 3. As it is presented, a new adventure begins. In this part of the hero meets a girl and her father, for whom also now reply.
    Well, the story goes on, and you need to upgrade your arsenal, because in addition to the usual zombies immediately appear green, whose skin is stronger and more lives. We hope you're ready for a new meeting with the inhabitants of the planet Zombotron.