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Games zveryata Wonder: Adventures for Kids

The kids enthusiastically clap their hands when the screen appears on the animated series The young Wonder. Themselves being small, they boldly look forward, ready to come to the rescue of those in need. Heroes cleverly solved the problem, showing solidarity and mutual assistance. If you like cartoons about them, then it's time to go on a journey, opening the Miracle zveryata game and save all the animals together with:

You will go to the most exciting journey around the world, meet new characters, solve their difficulties and learn a lot.

Merry Adventures

meet the challenge, united team goes back on the road, because they have so much work. Everyone needs their help, and they are happy to help everyone. They managed to make new friends, and you will see a cute rabbit Ollie crumb bee, baby Bengal tiger, and many animals as you have fun in the games for free Miracle zveryata.
With the duck, guinea pig and turtle you learn to count, become nimble, learn letters. Following them, you will visit the most interesting and sometimes unusual places. One will have to follow the rabbit into Wonderland Ollie and help the country to organize its Hatter tea party. It has to go through all the rules – guests drink from china cups, and the Mad Hatter runs assembly in the new hat. Heroes volunteered to collect all the hats, saucers and other items that will be needed for tea and hit the road, jumping over bumps, rocks, trees, so as not to miss a single item.
It seems the team is able to organize parties and fun. So again, let's help them, but now we have to cheer Bengal tiger. He soon birthday party, and he sad. But it is fixable, we just have to pick our heroes costumes, play a beautiful melody and dance for him. I think it turned out even better than expected, rescuers, and all thanks to you. Now, the game Miracle zveryata offer to play for free on Christmas Eve. Animals already know how to love the friends create a festive mood, and asked them to prepare everything for the triumph. Now they bake cookies in the form of men, Christmas trees and branches. Little fairy helps, and it is necessary to catch the figures, icing and decorations for each cookie. When the meal is ready, zveryata help it count, and then invited to a merry dance.

The miracle rescue again in

It is not always possible to do with laughter and candy when someone needs extra help. In one of the scenes Miracle zveryata online games you will see that the noble dolphin entangled in a fisherman himself and he did not get out. Here is an unusual phone in a tin can, and a number where you must call. Enter all the numbers correctly, and the signal will travel over the wire directly into the rescue cent, where it will duck, turtle and guinea pig.
Only they have fulfilled an important mission as the phone rings again. At this time the baby triceratops in trouble. The little dinosaur lost, and urgently need to deliver to parents. Linney, Mig Mig and always ready. They took out their rescue suits, built a flying ship and go sailing. Find dinosaur was easy, and the next minute he was there with his mother. There will be a lot of tasks at the Miracle baby animals – save on an ice floe penguin, help to find the way home a pigeon that was in an unfamiliar New York. You will help them to build their famous ship and pick up the costumes, so then escorted to another important mission.