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Games Fish Hooks

Game Fish Hooks: aquarium life

Watching aquarium fish, it would seem that their life is no different variety. Yes, they have clear water, beautiful plants, the bottom is decorated with decorative objects, you can play with bubbles, or drive each other. But the daily monotony of boring, it becomes boring. If Fish Hooks games to play, created by Disney cartoons, you will realize that entertainment in young inhabitants of the enclosed space enough.
The residents of our aquarium present inventors and great originals. Each unique character, and do not need a big company to organize leisure. The artificial reservoir only three fishes:

A bit of heroes

B – beautiful goldfish in which love Oscar. It is artistic and flirty, likes to have fun, but sometimes it happens tantrums. Several times awarded her the title of Queen of school dances, than it is incredibly proud. Bi dreams of becoming a TV presenter's own show, and is studying for a journalist and actress.
Milo 16 years, and at this age all behave quizzically. He is a true teenager who rebels and committing rash acts. Let it big selfish with it fun and cool to spend time. He has a lot of ideas, and are often accompanied by a threat. His, of course, it does not stop, and even spurs to new feats. He loves to laugh and tease friends. At one time, Milo met rodents, a leading channel "rodent", but the relationship deteriorated, and now they're apart.
Oskabu 14 years old and younger brother Milo. In nature, often younger children are more intelligent and more serious, and that's what happened to the brothers Fishtusov. While Milo off in unbridled joy, modest, shy and smart Oscar becomes the victim of pranks brother. Classmates teased him broccoli, perhaps because of the curly hair. Being timid in life, in his diary, he gives rein to the imagination, describing fictional exploits and calling himself a magnificent Oscar. With humor he did not work, but because he never laughs. Another reason why he keeps his mouth shut – braces. If Oscar to his ears in love with the BBC, in a crush shell Clement, and he tries to attract attention everywhere following the clumsy boys.

The Adventures of Bee, Milo and Oscar

Just imagine what awaits you in plots surrounded by loony as aquarium fish.

Designated feats in the aquarium enough, and the characters are constantly prove it. Once broken compressor supplying oxygen to their home, and too many bubbles. But Oscar, Bi and Milo grieved, and came up with the game 'Swim through the tunnel. " Sometimes clusters of bubbles look out items, and they can not crash. Accelerate to the barrier allows the power piston and to accumulate points, collect stars.
One day, friends are so dispersed that accidentally jumped out of the tank, and now for them to hunt terrible predator – a cat. The only salvation – to collect during the escape of water droplets, and apply the amplifier behind to add speed.
To do without a treasure hunt, which is usually greater at the bottom of this, the game Fish Hooks could not, and now the team will leave the fish to collect jewels. The more gold coins and crystals will be able to get, the higher your score. Jump to the platform and look down over the seaweed, and if you find a coveted key and open the chest to really get rich, and also go to the next stage of the game.