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Games DuckTales

Games DuckTales forever with you

In 1987, the premiere of the Disney cartoon "DuckTales" the rich Uncle Scrooge and his nephews poor, who fell on him without warning and took a lot of hassle. Living together was savory, and their greed, coldness and cruelty of some uncle repeatedly insulted his nephews, but later on they learned to find compromises and still do not know who gets more than re.
On account of the animated series 100 series and feature-length cartoon, and except for sets of related items, DuckTales game today share the glory of the popular product. It was only the excitement and fun, a lot of adventure and discovery. Enjoy the fun of each passage, making a small feat, and solving puzzles.

A new meeting with old friends

Games Donald Duck DuckTales Daksburge develop the city in the universe of Disney, where dwells a lot of fantastic animals, including Scrooge and his little friends, the most popular. Now let's see, who became a member of this section:

Perhaps the rest of the characters are not going to list as we have reminded the main actors, with which you will have fun during the game Donald Duck.

mischief and laughter are permitted!

Generalized points give an idea that prepared the game for free DuckTales Leisure. With an eccentric inventor Vint talk like ducks, but they bring him more trouble than good. He was asked to look after the children, and those scattered all gear that screw prepared for a new assembly of his invention. Huey, Dewey, and Louie knew what they had done, and are now helping to collect the items on different levels.
In his imagination ducks flew into space and built there high-speed races on rockets. In space, a lot of obstacles that need to fly around, showing piloting skills and agility. Games played DuckTales invite lovers of sweets and costumed Halloween. To make a couple of chocolates, ducklings will not intimidate the inhabitants of the town, and will play in the thimble, or rather – in the pumpkin. Sweetie hide under a pumpkin head, and then all three quickly change location. Now the brothers must try to guess which of their legally treat. The game can be run multiple times after each attempt to find a piece of candy.