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Games Timon and Pumbaa

Games Timon and Pumbaa: the adventures of friends

In 1994, the screens broke into the Disney animated feature "The Lion King" to collect applause and audience sympathy of the audience. The project, filmed at the studio Walt Disney could not not like it, and soon there were sequels of best friends: Timon and Pumbaa.
The project brought new glory to the studio, and thanks to him we can now play the game Timon and Pumbaa free. Game stories adhere to the general direction, but are not a continuation of the cinema screen, and you are waiting for new discoveries in the vast colorful nature, where events unfold.

Welcome heroes adventure

Since Timon and Pumbaa game play, the focus will be given to the leading characters, but it does not mean that you will not find passing. Without them, the stories would become poorer, and this can not be allowed.

It's time to open the game

It's nice to play Timon and Pumbaa play for free, knowing that in the range of destinations for every taste.

The heroes do not look like sane animals, and are not. If you can fool around, they certainly do, and will not for a long time to reflect on the consequences. But every game has a useful component, and even collecting beetles, they begin their game resembling checkers. One plays a blue insects, another red, and it is necessary to place them on the board in the cells so that insects are so dominated by the hero, whom you play. The steps are performed alternately as in this board game.
In another plot of the game Timon and Pumbaa online friends decided to arrange a holiday belly and eat exotic dish consisting of various worms, ladybugs, fireflies, caterpillars, snails and other insects. Collect them can be in the thick jungle, but the potential food cleverly disguised as stems and leaves, hiding in the ground and water. Timon decided to play in the nobility and take over the cooking process treats, but because he gathers the ingredients and you have to help him search out everything. There are three tips to help you cope with the task, if you can not find bugs, hidden carefully.