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Games The Croods

The Croods Prehistoric games

We live in the modern world and use its features, and imagine that there is no mobile phone, TV, electricity, hot water at the tap, clothing and everything else, what we are accustomed. In every age people consider themselves progressive, but it will take hundreds of thousands of years, and we also turn into an archaic, outmoded society and our modern gadgets will become antiques in comparison with the technologies of the future.
Developing this idea, cinema, literature and the virtual world play up the theme, throwing us at different times, as the future and the past. The most mysterious is the Stone Age to the first people, because in addition to cave paintings and primitive tools they have left evidence of its existence in the form of a record. This gives us room for imagination to think out themselves and in the lives of primitive tribes.
Adventure Animation DreamWorks Animation's comedy and its explanation of the game The Croods you are a family that lived in a cave, wore skins, hunted and fought with ferocious predators, trying to survive in a harsh world.

Cave inhabitants

Surely primitive people were afraid to everyone: carnivores, inexplicable natural phenomena, poisonous plants. Grougi head of the family would not let his wife and children out of the cave, convinced that the all-new – bad, and that outside the home only danger. All would be well continued, and the story would never have allowed in The Croods games to play, if not the eldest daughter came out to see the sun's rays are making their way under the stone, block the entrance. The beauty of the outside world fascinated her, and she went to the direction of the setting sun, and then met new friends who predicted end of the world. Other family members rushed to search for the fugitive, and it saved their lives, because the earthquake destroyed the cave, so many years served as his home.

  • Grougi (Crag) – is a typical representative of a caring father and husband. He's afraid of everything new, and worry for the family.
  • Uggah – wife Grougi. More liberal man, but a new life and turns into a real challenge for her.  
  • Hip – girl rebel. The most curious of Krudsov. Her dream is to see the world and draws on a journey the entire family.
  • Tunc – he is only 9, but its growth under 2 meters and a weight of 120 kg. Dreaming of hunting exploits, to be like his father, but in fact can not even cope with the mammoth.  
  • , Sandy – The 4-year-old youngest daughter Krudsov. Smartest, playful and fearless.
  • The Grandmother – ancient old woman and 45-years old, hot-tempered mother-in-law Grougi.
  • Minor – teenage inventor. Invented fire, shoes and other items. It shows family of new horizons.
  • Sash – Small pet-sloth.
  • Understand the world with Krudsami

    Life outside the cave turned out to be amazing, though dangerous. But that prepared the game story now know.

  • The Croods Games Action  
  • Search for items
  • Labyrinth
  • Puzzles
  • In memory
  • The differences
  • If you had not seen anything other than your own home, you can get lost among the countless roads that happened. During the game Kruds help the heroes find the right way in the maze to get your prize.
    A good memory, too, need to remember the names of new objects, and free games The Croods help train her. A hunter is important to be careful, so do not miss the options to search for differences and items. Puzzles also help novice trackers to read excerpts on the elements of the picture and find their proper place.