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Games Fifi and the Flowertots

Games Fifi and floral kids: history of the garden

Games Fifi and floral kids created based on the cartoon of serial, they keep the atmosphere and the characters of the TV version. The very animated series was a great success, both among young viewers, and among their parents, as it is a bright, colorful, good and learning. On TV screens went out a fairy tale about the garden, in which live different floral kids and their friends insects. They are engaged in a variety of activities together, spend time at the games and help each other in difficult situations.
As in the movie, playing games Fifi for free on PCs can meet the characters, the inhabitants of the garden:

Insects that live in the flower garden is Zhuzhzhik bee, spider Webb, a slug named Slick-Slyak and Ozzy – wasp, he only has a negative character traits, and they are often prevented him friends with everyone.

Fifi Forget-Me and her friends in online games

In the game free to play Fifi Anyone can, at any time, they do not need to download and install, they are available to users. They are designed for children, so the developers have taken care of that to control the characters in them was easy, the graphics and the colors bright and vivid, and the musical accompaniment to match both the cartoon and did not prevent children from playing. In projects where important actions, sound effects complement and entertained during the game.
Despite the fact that Fifi forget-me, she forgets everything and everyone loses, so kids should always helps to dissipate the flower. In some versions, you need to find her friends Fifi, they work somewhere in the garden, but the forget-me-forgotten where other funny flower forgotten words and players need to help them remember. Children not to be like the cartoon character forgetfulness, you need to train the memory of one of the versions of the game need to open cards with the image of different characters and when they are the same, the more they are not closed. The fewer users need to attempt the opening of all the characters, the more points they earn in the game, and the result you can always share with their parents or friends.
In the game Fifi forget-me-more mobile and can spend time, such as helping heroin and the truck Mo harvest. Berries are ripe on the bushes and start to fall one after the other with twigs. Moe, along with the player, have to be very nimble machine that would keep pace to catch them and move to the basket.
The main character, although it flowered, loves to jump, rising to the heavens. Webby spider wove a web of solid, it can be used as a trampoline and then, jumping on flowers and berries to get high, high. If you miss, it's okay does not happen, Fifi can use its petals like a parachute, so she was not afraid to fall.
Which version of the game would not have chosen a small user, this is a very fun and educational pastime, in an easy and simple way, by playing, you can learn not only the name of the flowers and plants in the garden, but also to train the skill, care, and even do the math.