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Games The Flintstones

Games The Flintstones: prehistoric present

In the 60 years was a popular American animated television series "The Flintstones", in which lifestyle 50s stylized period of the Stone Age. The plot weekdays two neighboring families in Bedrok, and now talk about games and The Flintstones.
The main actor is Fred Flintstone from the working layer of the society. His clothing habits, tastes, –, all relate to the life of the last century. He was stout, rough, working on a building site and leads a team of amateur bowling. Through the fence on a live Rabbly, with whom he is often seen, and spend their leisure time.
Technology stylized era of the Stone Age, but resemble modern. When traveling by car, as if the characters puts it on, and go on foot on the ground. Dinosaurs, birds and other animals are different techniques and appliances.

characters and their surroundings