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Games Pororo the Little Penguin

Pororo the Little Penguin: Funny stories

It is in the far north, where everything is covered with ice and snow, where no man has gone before, hidden in the fairy forest a small village. It was inhabited by cute animals, they were still very young, but that did not stop them to learn what friendship, mutual assistance and good manners. Despite the fact that they fall into different stories and sometimes they fell upon trouble, they always found a way out of any situation. This story is the basis of the animated series, which is so popular around the world that have already been translated into 30 languages, removed more than 10 years and is called « Pororo the Little Penguin »
In the fairytale village live:

In the cartoon series, there are other characters, not like real animals, for example, the brothers aliens, they are able to fly and look like jellyfish blue and purple. All the characters are very friendly, and if it happens, they argue, by the end of the episode they settle disagreements and reconcile.
A cartoon is designed for a children's audience and teaches young viewers are very good things, kindness and friendship. Merry Adventures of fun PENGUIN exist not only on television, children can play games Pororo and on personal computers, solving different tasks along with the characters.

Games Pinvinenok Pororo: funny adventure

The developers of computer projects launched various online games Pororo, start to play them, you can not download to the hard drive, and installing. Deciding to spend time with characters from the animated series, anyone can start immediately after the Started button on the mouse, and if the version is not like, then choose another game in the same section.
All games are free Pororo presented in this section of the site and they do not have to pay, there is no built-in stores, which need to spend real money. Designed flash projects in comfort with pre-modern portrayal graphics. The authors gave them good music, which is recorded in the background without interfering with the players to focus on the actions.
Games Pororo issued for young players, as well as for students. Most young PC users will find interesting to lay down a picture with your favorite characters from the cartoon. The image in these versions is divided into many squares, pressing the red button provides one item that you want to find a place in the general picture.
Since the penguin wants to fly, he never tired of coming up with ways to get off the ground. This time he was able to fool a lot of balls and to hold out longer in the air, you need to dodge from birds with sharp beaks, and norovyaschie punch balls. Birds a lot, because the water jellyfish, jellyfish and hungry and do not want to float away. Pororo, along with the player, solve all the problems and the jellyfish feed on the bird's beak and dodge.
In the game Pororo the Little Penguin to play a lot of fun, and at the end you can save the result and share it with your friends and girlfriends. Most will be able to get there in the first row of the table leaders, among the many players dream of victory.