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Games Megamind

Games Megamind on the good side

Everyone knows how irreconcilable enemies are evil and good. Their relationship since time immemorial lead to war and destruction. Every sure their own right, and I do not want to give primacy. When evil wants to rule the world, it should also be good with his fists. But sometimes strange metamorphoses – turns the villain into a hero, and the hero gets his place. Games Megamind continue the idea of ​​the computer company of the same name cartoon Animation DreamWorks, released in 2010. It unfolds the story of two aliens, even in infancy sent to Earth. One turned out to be lucky – it has sheltered a good, heartfelt family, and raised a real hero. The second was to criminals, and this has left its mark on the child's psyche. If at first he tried to fight back, get better and do good, then later realized that it brings him some suffering. To be happy, he goes to the dark side, becoming an evil genius. Thus was born the personality Megamind.
His brother from distant stars – Metro bridge, had become a true superhero, but now they are enemies on opposite sides of the barricades. Contrive, Megamind kills metro bridge, and only then realizes that he was bored – when there is no worthy enemies, the evil loses its charm and meaning. The only way to have some fun – to create artificial enemy Titan. It produces DNA metro bridge and implanting it into a cameraman Hal. But he made a mistake with the choice – new character turned cowardly, stupid and pathetic.
Further, Megamind kidnaps Roxanne Ritchie – TV presenter pursuing personal motives, but did not realize that in love with her, Hal. The incredible happened – between the girl and Megamind erupting feelings, and it's great angry loser Hal. Now he wants to get even with a stranger, while Megamind himself over to the side of good. Reshuffle took place, and now begins a new opposition parties, but in other roles.

A few words about the characters

cartoon comedy while still a scenario like the famous actor, who then sounded it. For example, Megamind voiced popular actor Will Ferrell, metro bridge – Brad Pitt, Hal Stewart (Titan) – John Hill, and Roxanne Ritchie – Tina Fey.
Megamind games are basically the leading characters, around which are developing an exciting adventure.

Incidentally, an interesting fact that the name Hal Stewart comes from two comic book hero Green Lantern John Stewart, and Hal Jordan.

Slot direction

Games Megamind just as fascinating as its cinematic parent. In the plots, you can accompany Megamind in his adventures, tested and mission, and are waiting for you:

To be a real alien, you need a space ship. Games Megamind provide a free, and there you go wade through the meteor rain, avoiding collisions with rocks and enemies and picking up only useful artifacts.
Further Fly to Megamind to a starship in the city, driving so as not to crash into the house and did not collide with another technique in the sky. He has only three life-try, after which the hero finally die.
In another Action help the character to overcome the levels and survive. On his fall items, but if you're careful and fast, worthy pass all the stages. Now priodente Megamind, fold the puzzle and look at the background of pictures with him hidden numbers.