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Games Rocket Monkeys

Games Cosmo monkey win in any situation

Monkeys – surprisingly restless, nimble animal lovers misbehave. They admire the intelligence and ability to solve problems, come to a decision logically.
The animated series about them filmed Canadian studio Atomic Cartoons and Breakthrough Entertainment in 2012, she began to broadcast in 2013, and the game Cosmo monkeys were a natural continuation of the stories.
Tailed hooligans went to conquer space, and let them all get on the first try, they can understand – is not every day they conquer the universe. They never lose heart, if you suffered a setback, but cunning and imagination enough to find a way out. Breakage of the ship, denied aid, they fall meteor rain, or are faced with another problem, savvy will help you understand and adjust all.

Cute characters

If you watch a comedy animated series is interesting, the game Cosmo more like monkeys. Now look who went to conquer space, and with whom to play.

Monkey entertain

Only with monkeys can be so fun to have fun, overcoming difficulties with them. They are being charged with optimism and desire to win any trouble. Open the game Cosmo monkeys, and can not come off until you passed the last stage of the game.
You have to bounce back into space, the cold, but not so deserted. His expanses there are opponents, and that the characters are faced with the gorillas. I received a signal that they cause monkeys to race with obstacles, and if you reject a call, it's automatically be credited with the defeat. On the heroes can not go, and ready to start.
The opponents are not sports, leaving a fiery lightning, and still there are a lot of meteorites. If you deal with them, the ship will be damaged monkeys and will start to slow down, but the red cross to help fix the problem. At the end of the professor will announce the winner and we hope it will be you.
Another rescue in the open space Game Cosmo Monkey chickens, get the restaurant business and a number of other missions.