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Games Cats Warriors: cute appearance of a true predator

Cats have become our favorite pets, and we are so attached to them that many allow all forgive and sometimes encouraged to mischief. We have forgotten that it is born predators and soft paws hide sharp claws. When the cat is relaxed, it seems soft, pliable, but it is worth it to strain – becomes a lump of muscle. If Cats Warriors games to play, you'll see them on the hunt, and even help catch prey.
The cats have been living next to a man. In Egypt, they are treated as deities, and no one dares to chase the cat, if she went to the house. Until now, many people believe that these animals have nine lives, and live simultaneously in two dimensions – and our afterlife. Attributing cats magical abilities, they were considered accomplices of witches and wizards. Looking at them, indeed sometimes it seems that for feline calmness great mystery is hidden worlds that they know it and keep right.
People are divided into fans of cats and dogs, and can not come to an agreement, as the animals themselves. They are so different that rarely get along, and the friendship between them even rarer. Games Warriors beat scene of the meeting of the two enemies that continue to sort things out in the virtual world.  

The cats on the warpath

The plot Warriors Cats online game allows you to feel like a forest dweller. Role-playing game invites you to join the club cat owner to develop the territory, getting to foreign lands, to go on the trail of the extraction and use all the tricks of hunting. Here you can choose the seed or Ozernoi Marine universe, which includes various tribes. Do the characters even have the sense of smell, and guided by the color, you can determine which is the tribe met a cat.
In the game there is a gradual development, and the "nose", along with other qualities, it develops gradually. Be involved in the fighting, and to dig to get the artifacts. To effectively find items, it is necessary to develop a great sense of smell, which can smell a thing, even deep underground. In the fighting game about Cats Warriors applies to 190 receptions with teeth, claws, tail, neck, back and other parts of the body. You can participate in group fights or single. Gradually developing, forest animals received titles from kitten to lord StarClan.

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The virtual world is rich with stories of fur seals, and with them you can play in different ways:

Free Games Cats Warriors are invited to hunt with the seals in the wild forest. Here live rabbits are tasty, appetizing mouse and birds, but also there are wild dogs that carry the threat. Choose a color cat and help him eat rabbit. This bouncy game is found in abundance here, and you just have to grab it deftly. Beware of clashes with the dogs and avoid crashing into rocks.
Then you will witness the meeting of a cat and dog. Kitty throws stones at the enemy, then coming closer, moving away. You control the dog, armed with stones, and can only move sideways. When the cat comes near, throw him a bone, and try not to get hit by a stone thrown.
Even a cat's head, you can shoot a slingshot, as did the Angry Birds to destroy the dog's head. Continuing the fight with the dogs, they shoot a cannon and you need to find the optimum angle of inclination to knock down the opponent with his podium. Continue to uphold the cat position and prove that cats are the best!