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Games Jimmy Neutron

Jimmy Neutron Games about the most intelligent boy

Smart be good. And too smart? The full-length cartoon and the animated series tells of the brilliant 11-year-old boy Jimmy neuron from Retrovill. According to this idea out of the game Jimmy Neutron, filled with amazing adventures.
The hero of the most intelligent child, and his mind does not give him no rest, throwing up new ideas for inventions. But its findings are almost always bring trouble to both the inventor and the city. Sometimes it goes to extremes when it becomes endangered humanity, and Jimmy has to rectify the situation to save people from their discoveries.
His IQ equals 2000, or 10 times higher than the highest index which anyone demonstrated. He realizes his ideas in the laboratory, which he built himself, equipping the computer system. There he creates mechanisms and "magic" powder, gives him different abilities and influence on its surroundings. Once he turned to agent C. ; friends underwent cosmic radiation by being a people-N (this is a parody of the X-Men). Even Jimmy turned into the Hulk, and getting stronger and bigger when angry. And once one device lowered his IQ so much that he rolled to the level of ape, and friends had to restore his brain, connected to the machine.
Jimmy befriends Carl Whizzer – amateur lamas Sheen Estevez – fan of superheroes and Cindy Vortex, to which feels affection. As a pet dog picked young genius robot Goddard.

Clever plot of the game Jimmy Neutron

Having got acquainted with the main character, you begin to doubt whether so good to be the smartest. Well, of course, when no one doubts your genius, but it is important to learn to keep under control the ability not to make mischief. It is also important to have true friends, ready to help you correct the error and return the former appearance when something goes counter to the plans. Being bold and inquisitive, Jimmy gets into trouble and you need to help him in simple and complex tasks of connection of the pipeline to protect the Earth from alien invasion. All this you will find in the directions:

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The Amazing Game neutron – a great lesson, if there was a desire to save the world. In his laboratory boy took alarm about an alien invasion, and it is necessary to take urgent measures to save mankind. Here is an unusual game to collect three identical objects, although it will do so. Flying saucers can be moved at any distance, as long as they lay down a number of elements of the same color, then disappear. They will fly into squares if the path is not blocked by other objects.
The next time the aliens got to town, Jimmy, and he went with friends on a missile to shoot down enemy ships, collecting useful items along the way. Try not to get hit by enemy bombardment, and the mission will fail.
Once again, Jimmy brought inconvenience to citizens. Now his fault does not operate the pipeline, and people were left without water. Free games Jimmy Neutron to help rectify the situation, if you can collect the parts of the pipe so that water is free to go home at all.
Again, the boy's problem because of his latest invention. The city threatened with destruction, but if you collect all the items and to restore the device, you can still set things right, and the people will not even notice that they were on the verge of death. Just need to work faster, until it was too late.