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Games Alpha and Omega

Alpha and Omega love story

The full-length animated film « Alpha and Omega » pleased the children and their parents a good story, excellent graphics and humor. In it the authors once again assured the audience that true love has no social barriers and is able to win any convention and circumstances.
The story in the movie tells the story of a pack of wolves, in their community there is a division in the alpha and omega of individuals. Kate wolf, the daughter of the leader of Alpha, she was able and agile, its mission to be a leader and provide food for the flocks. Humphrey young wolf – Omega, he slobs have fun with your friends all day and do nothing. Kate in order to avoid the war between the two neighboring wolf packs to marry the son of the leader Garth, the alpha male he, too, that would unite the flock.
One evening, Kate and Humphrey are euthanized and transported to another reserve, between flocks threatened with war. Transported Wolves hit the road in order to return to their homes. On the way, they expect a lot of dangerous adventures. In the absence of Kate at her younger sister tied a relationship with Garth. Arriving in his native land, a few minutes before the start of a bloody war, Kate is ready to do his duty and marry, but at the last moment they confess to Gartm that their hearts belong to others, the omega wolf. Finals history, as expected, has a happy ending.
The story told in the movie is very beautiful, and the characters loved by children all over the world, the developers of entertainment for personal computers released the game about the Alpha and Omega, what any user could continue the adventure with the wolves at a convenient time.

Games Alpha and Omega: the adventures of Kate and Humphrey begin

Play free games Alpha and Omega can be when you want, they do not need to download and install, they have no fees and registration. Enjoyed playing with the characters of the animated film for children and adults, everyone will find something interesting.


The developers released the Alpha and the Omega wolf games in different ways:

In the game Alpha and Omega to play very interesting, they are created with the help of modern technology, so have a beautiful, well-drawn graphics, the characters in them look like just descended from the cinema screen. Musical arrangement uplifting and takes the player into the world of wild nature, where jungle law. Sound effects accompany every action.