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Games Bernard

Games Bernard: an unforgettable adventure

Sometimes you just want to relax in front of a TV or a game, watching a fun story. Spanish animated series "Bernard" was released in 2006 and has 156 episodes. Each lasts no more than 3 minutes, and in a short time the audience time to see another adventure polar bear cub who always gets into a dangerous situation.
A great lover of travel, it is hard to not think, to what actions it may cause, and it's not just putting it on the brink of disaster, but thanks to the ingenuity and sheer luck, he always finds an opportunity to get out.
All that he undertakes goes awry, turns into a test of harm to health. Bernard continues to develop the theme of the game, which again have to bear to show their ingenuity, strength, agility and the will to live. If there is dark humor animated series, the game products are all peaceful and noble, allowing the children to have fun safely with the main character and those he meets.

Bernard and the company

It should be noted that the wild life of Bernard earned him not only the problems, as well as many friends. For a change that did not seem such a life is sweet and cloying, and are enemies.

Games useful and fun

When you see favorite characters, be particularly interesting. Just imagine what kind of adventures await you in this unusual company. One Bernard worth a lot, because it was he the instigator of fun in which the rest willingly participate.
Turn imagination and get ready to pass Bernard funny game in which you are waiting for pleasant meetings with cute characters. Friends like sports, and do not be surprised to see them on the playground. Surely you and football favorite game. To help Bernard Lloyd and hone techniques, arrange training for scoring goals. Choose who will be hit the ball, and who will be at the gate. Now the gameplay fast start, and you can start.
The arrow shows the direction of the ball, but we need to catch the moment when the goalkeeper depart aside to send the ball into the net. For each goal accrued points, and victory will be yours, if you find yourself quite proficient.
The next time you see Bernard on the baseball field. He obviously lost the game and now punished by blows baseballs falling directly on it. Try not to get hit by hail balls, managing to collect baseball gloves and helmets to better punch.
Once Bernard discovered that his memory disorder, and very frightened. To strengthen it, he sluggish memory card and trying to find the guy. When it does so, the same image disappear, and when all disappear, the game ends, but you can start over, and the balance will be different.
His adventure white teddy bear loves to take pictures, but the most favorite card is torn, and he asks you to help her collect the pieces together. This can be done using observation during the collection of the puzzle. Now it's time to be creative, opening the coloring and brightness returned figures, and then print the results.