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Games iCarly

Games iCarly of creative youth

Children are born talented, and if they promote, guide and assist, they will become more confident in the future will be able to turn the hobby into a profession. But if this does not happen, and the creative vein help solve many problems without too much effort. Even the ability to gain people – also a talent, and most important in life.
As young people express themselves, says a youth sitcom "iCarly" created by Dan Schneider in 2007-2012, and based on that now you can play games iCarly. Here is a group of young, mischievous and talented guys from Seattle. The main role is played by Carla – 13-year-old girl, to create their own web show iCarly in youth-entertaining way. Helps her around the brother and friends. When the joint efforts of the show gained popularity, there were problems that arise in such situations.
popularity, fame and recognition is bearing fruit, and not all cope with such a burden with dignity. In the team there are tensions and quarrels, and Carly is trying to reconcile all, finding compromises and solutions. The difficulties and do tell sitcom series. We can play the wonderful game products, enjoying fellowship with popular characters.

Meet the heroes


Open Free Games iCarly, and see what you have prepared amusing characters. They do not just have to wander around New York, performing various tasks. Choose a character to control and walk tangled streets, collecting items found along the way.
Then, during the game iCarly friends prepare sushi, quickly slicing and preparing the ingredients for a while. If you liked the recipe, you can remember it, and cook at home.
Now help Carly and Sam remove a new series of the show. Hurry to get done all the time, and a lot of work: to include spotlights, wipe the camera lens, to stop the arrow in the desired zone, making portraits of girls, clap your hands when kept within the allotted time. You will find a lot of different stories with such different friends.