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Games Justin Time

Games Justin Time: funny adventure

In their fantasies children can be anywhere, become a brave knights and kings have magic power and fight it all the enemies. The more imagination, more realistic picture rise before your eyes. You can not even zazhmurivatsya to feel awake smells, sensations, hear the dialogue.
Imagine a journey in space and time may in fact not only in dreams. Surely this would require a complicated apparatus or magical amulet. But the hero of the Canadian animated series "World of Justin" is enough violent fantasies. In this story, a boy has become a real traveler, visited the different eras and countries. I saw a lot of exciting places, met with historical figures and saw the way of life of past centuries different nations. He is accompanied by a close company, but he was glad to new people who share his curiosity and is also ready to embark on an adventure, throwing the fear of the dangers. Before you play Justin Time and time to start the fun.

The brave trio of heroes

You can easily enter in the company and will meet with its members. In addition to being found in the adventures of new faces, all three of the main characters.

Wanderings begin

You will visit with the characters in an incredible adventure to see the world and to overcome the difficulties that are indispensable in any hike. Justin Svidzhi ready for them, and still know that in a distant land they will meet Olivia, in order to talk about everything and help cope with the mission. Game Justin diverse subjects, and will delight you with different gaming areas:

In Squeegee observed a strange craving for butterflies. He is constantly busy searching for them and trapping, using different techniques. Once he was armed with a net unusual that blows soap bubbles. When it flies over a flock of butterflies, it launches a new sphere, which falls next butterfly, and brings the character points.
On another occasion, he decided to save them from the evil dog who keeps beautiful insects in captivity. But it is necessary to free the captives when the dog goes to sleep, so that cautious steps will make your mission successful.
Playing the Game, Justin, the boy and his friends you will visit China, Italy, visit the Mayan and Aztec. Olivia enjoy a cooking and photograph animals for the album. It is necessary to choose outfits for each country to the pictures came believable.
More help Justin to catch falling from the sky meatballs, catch frogs in the swamp, collect coins in the jungle and win a hard race, driving a car.