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Game Geometry Neon Dash  online
Geometry Neon Dash

Games Geometry Dash

Game Geometry Neon Dash  online
Geometry Neon Dash
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Super Game Geometry Dash

Open the next toy, you expect from it originality, as, for example, the game of geometry Dash to play online. Since there are a lot of game products in the virtual space, developers are harder to surprise the demanding gamer. Even the kids are now so advanced that they need new ideas. And the adult generation, which until recently was afraid of all these electronic stuff, not just mastered them, but actively tests the fun. Игры Геометрия Даш 1

Free games Geometry Dash belong to the category to which players of all generations apply with equal excitement. Having unpretentious gameplay, but perfectly balanced in terms of development dynamics and wonderfully designed, it looks attractive.

Non-colored flowers

Having started the process of playing online geometry Dash, you take control of an object that looks like a snowflake, but in the future it will acquire other forms. Clicking on the field with a mouse, you give him the height of the jump and the direction of movement. On how deftly it goes, the development of events depends – whether you can overcome obstacles in the perimeter and reach the end of the level.

The problem just sounds simple, but in practice everything is more complicated. If at first there are only a few small obstacles on your way, then not only is there much more than that, form and size also cause fear.

Игры Геометрия Даш 2 Each time you need to act faster, because you did not have time to go through one dangerous stage, as soon as the next one arises. It perfectly develops dexterity, speed and attentiveness, and, as you know, these qualities are important at any age.

In addition, by starting to play the geometry of Dash for free, you will find yourself in a very beautiful world, illuminated by neon lights. At first it can be the color of indigo, which gradually turns blue, then red, yellow and green, repeating in a looped order. It looks amazing, as if you were in a club with illumination turned on.

Although this gives the process elegance, the gameplay does not affect this in any way. Continuing to enjoy the beauty, do not be distracted from what is happening. At any time it is easy to stumble upon a stalactite protruding from the ceiling or to run into a sharp tooth that has escaped from the floor. Around constantly changing conditions, there are moving elements, laser needles, fire or magnetic rings. If you pass the obstacle course to the end, the controlled object will jump into the wall, which will pass it to another level, accompanying the event with bright colored flashes. Игры Геометрия Даш 3

Thereof of what to choose

Online game geometry Dash represented in variety, and you can open any. They are not connected by a plot line, and therefore each time you will go through a separate adventure. They involve geometric objects, being the main acting characters. There is even a red smiling cube known for other games.

You can also invite to the process of friends, and arrange a real competition. In this case, it will be even more interesting to play, because the excitement will wake up, the desire to defeat competitors. The winner is the one who will be able to score the most points and pass the levels without defeats. If it suddenly happens that at a certain stage you can not cope with obstacles, you will have to return to the beginning of the level, and lead the object anew.

This time you should get better, because there is accumulated experience and knowledge of what lies ahead. A lot of adventures will make your leisure unforgettable, bright. This is always a new idea and interesting discoveries, which is required from a good game.