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Games Flakboy

^ 5min
  • Rockets ^ Wall guns * Devices that produce ice
  • Thornling
  • Lighters 9

    Kazhdaya installation will be available in due time, with increasing complexity of the job and your financial capabilities. Collecting points, you can buy additional weapons, and the more you will harm the subject, the more you earn points.

    Kto such Flekboy?

    * 2 The hero, whom you see, leaves no doubt as to its origin. He is a real humanoid with deep space, once wrecked near our planet. He was forced to land on Earth, and it is detected by the military. Naturally, the stranger quickly found and sent to a known base, where he studied extraterrestrial technologies and life forms.

    Suschestvo, fell into the hands of scientists, proved capable of regeneration, and because after numerous tests, it was decided to use a humanoid in a dangerous mission to test weapons to see what can stop an enemy alien invasion.

    games Flakboy develop the theme in different series and you get a complete idea about the creation of secret weapons laboratories, its strength and vulnerabilities.

    Vasha task - to put the hero multiple injuries to different parts of the body, and it is better if it will spread apart. The scale shows the percentage you manage to achieve this, and if the index is not high enough, the level will not be passed. But this is not a problem as there are plenty of opportunities to replay the job until they reach the maximum effect, and the number on the chest of the hero will show which of the account attempt is made.

    * Increases the level of injury

    Vnachale small amount of blood is enough to experience one or two units, placed you in the room, but rates are rising rapidly, and now we must try to get a resolution to the next task of the game to move armor.

    5 Taking into account all indicators of damage: 3 ^