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Game Treasures Of Montezuma 2  online
Treasures Of Montezuma 2

Games Game Treasures of Montezuma for free

Game Treasures Of Montezuma 2  online
Treasures Of Montezuma 2
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Igry Treasures of Montezuma: in the footsteps of the ancient legendy

Napravlenie"three in a row"captured the hearts of kids and older players because it offers a vast field for the imagination. The developers are trying to come up with original scripts, and sometimes so addicted that they create bright, colorful, exciting world with a lot of adventure. Opening the game Treasures of Montezuma for free, you will go for the countless treasures that are hidden somewhere in Mexico, more precisely in the Aztec capital.
escort you Emily Jones – student in the fourth year at the university, studying history and archeology. She got a job in a museum, and it was assigned to disassemble the archive. However, the paperwork quickly tired of the girl, and she became interested in the composition of the stone, which is clearly harbored a secret.
After examining the documents, Emily discovered a manuscript of a monk who tried to bring their faith to the tribes of the Aztecs. He sketched the composition of the stone in his diary, mentioning that this card is in the valley, where Montezuma hid the recipe for longevity. A letter from the monk she also learned that only by playing the ancient game, you can get the sun stone, and they point the way to a secret valley.
carefully examining stone sculptures, the student did not find any additional guidance, but digging in boxes that were stored nearby, found pieces, many of which are contained within the gems. Even the untrained eye it would be clear that they are definitely part of the game, but because Emily laid them on the table, and began to shuffle, selecting different combinations.
It turned out that if you put a number of identical elements so that there were no less than three, they evaporate, and those in which the crystal was imprisoned after the disappearance leave it on the field. When recruited the required number of crystals, they are magically transformed into one of the bonuses, which further help to effectively move forward.

V chasing artefaktami

Stoit start to play The Treasures of Montezuma, just feel the excitement and inspiration, the desire to acquire new knowledge and something that will help get closer to unraveling.
To build a chain, drag chips to cells. If you see a chip with a crystal – try to build a line with her to pick up a valuable artifact. At the top you will see a scale collected Gems, and with each level you will need to produce more and more gems, if you want to get a gold star. It can be spent on the acquisition of totem, and then take part to improve their strength. To increase the strength of the totem, press the"+", respectively, to reduce their power – click"-".
Treasures of Montezuma game has several series, and in each you will:

Novye priklyucheniya

Next, you are waiting for the continuation of where you are in the game Treasures of Montezuma to play online, trying to find the treasures that were once Egyptian queen Zezey hidden in the pyramid, closing access to the system of complex mazes with traps.
In the next part you will find even more puzzles, as well as beautiful scenery, against the background of which the main event. Continue to collect gems, sometimes working at the time, overcoming obstacles and dangerous situations, but always moving forward.