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Watching my mom a few strokes suddenly changes its look, very interesting.Just loose and straight hair suddenly going into a complicated hairstyle or curled in ringlets.A few strokes of a brush and pencil lines skillfully emphasize the natural beauty and correct deficiencies.It was at this time in girls and is formed notions of beauty and fashion.Soon they begin to experiment with my mother's makeup, than cause her anger.But it's like a fairytale magic - to see how the appearance under the influence of cosmetics, clothes and hairstyles!Avoid quarrels and be able to use the full arsenal of cosmetic products to help make games for girls.They allowed any experiments with the appearance with lipsticks, eye shadows, mascara, blush, pencils, foundation, face powder.Virtual cosmetic bag girls enrich experience and will not harm the relationship with his mother or older sister.In these games, you will easily use all possible combinations of colors and shades, looking for the option to enjoy the most.In many games, you can save the result, and you can create multiple make-up and compare them.As models offer themselves celebrities, cartoon characters and movie characters are just cute.Among them you will certainly come across fairies Winx, Bratz dolls, Barbie, Moxie, Little Mermaid Ariel and various princesses.With the famous and favorite characters is always interesting to indulge lesson, draws his creative process.This is a peculiar virtual school for beginners fashionistas who only learn the subtleties of skill transformation.Games hairstyles are not less attractive and make excellent extension salon.They are filled with everything you need to know as much as possible of existing hair and make up their own.It should only change the hair color, facial features appear as a completely different way.A change in the shape cutting deftly corrects the shape of the face and to change appearance.Even a simple item as bangs, capable to focus on the eyes, and the line length of the hair at the narrower chin, visually make the face look proportionate.Games for girls hairstyles teach them to change appearance with just a few strokes, and it will make them always fresh and compelling.Also, they will learn about the rules of hairstyles for different events and understand the rules of hair that will not let fade their beauty and health.Having mastered the hair and makeup games online, girls learn to transform almost every day.Even youth subcultures are not left behind, and you can play with this theme, creating images of punk culture, ready, emo and other areas.African braids or dreadlocks are still valid, and apply them to your model, take a look at the result.An interesting version of the game will make up for theme parties.Mask model under pirate, zombie, vampire, Spider-Man, The Joker and other images.Remember the most successful version, and apply them in their lives.Try playing the game for girls updo virtually, then reproduce the reality.Suppose at first you do not succeed, do not be scared and soon turned into a real stylist.Similar games - it's a great opportunity to gain valuable experience, which was not present at the experts.Take advantage of their privilege, and be able to work miracles.We wish you to be always beautiful, modern, and a little bit ahead of the well-established trend!