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Who of the girls though sometimes dreams to have magical powers?How could learn and do interesting things!How many opportunities would be opened soon!Particularly acute is the desire to appear after watching an episode of fairies from the Winx Club.Looking at these cheerful, fun, and of brave girls, most want to be in their company and to comprehend the basics of magic, fight injustice, have fun and be able to fly.It would be great seem buoyed in school and impress their classmates with their newfound abilities!Oh, those childhood dreams.Every kid dreams of something like this and, unfortunately, unrealizable.Can only indulge in fantasies and games Winx Club Winx play.These little witch first appeared in 2004, and came up with their animated series for Italian director Idzhinio Straffi.Is it any wonder that the idea was fascinated children to and caused a real boom.Reason for it was several things: everything to do with magic and witchcraft is always a lively interest, their interests are similar to fairy ordinary girls Bloom she accidentally found out about the wizarding world and their involvement in it, what gives hope to all the other girls out that they will one day become fairies.But until that happens, you can enjoy playing games Winx Club Winx.In a variety of computerized stories redhead Bloom and her friends offer you a glimpse into the mysterious world of the incredible magic that can transform and take you to the next level, providing a pair of fairy wings, presenting with unique abilities.The strength of the wings open you Trasiks past Zumiks teach teleport with Bystriks Spidiks and you can fly much faster.Upon receipt of a new force, the fairies take on new opportunities.You already know that Enchantix helps change the look and enhances the previous skills, and gives a new outfit Beliviks again transforms the appearance and increases magic power.Winx Club Winx game show these abilities in their respective genres, and you can use these powers to change the image of the fairies, dressing them in beautiful, bright outfits and changing their hair.Despite the fact that the little fairy living in a fairytale world, sometimes they behave like normal girls.They like to go to discos, dating, shopping, or simply arrange transformed to a new day.Sometimes elation promotes new experiments, and you can actively participate in their entertainment, playing Winx Club Winx games.Getting magic skills at the school of magic, girls need to practice to reinforce learning in practice.But life itself has taken care of that knowledge they have not been in vain, and at the Winx, you have to use magic against the evil monsters that attack the world Magix.Winx games offer you the ability to transform not only the appearance of the fairies themselves, but also their home.Placing in piles of furniture and decorative items in place, you will help to restore order and the Sorceress to create comfort in their home.A colorless coloring pictures, return them to the joy of bright colors, without which the fabulous fairies will not survive.In games, puzzles as you will not be bored, and to see what is in the picture, will have to collect it from several mosaics.A variety of opportunities open to you in the category of Winx Club, and choosing to entertain any game, you get a lot of pleasure from contact with good magic.