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Curling - this is another team game, which unites with hockey is that it is taking place on the ice field.In the game the two teams compete for four igroka each.Players from both teams took turns launching the field "stones" - heavy granite shells in the direction of "home" - a target marked on the ice.It is known that the curling is played at the beginning of XVI century in Scotland.This confirms the finding sports stone on the bottom Danbay, which by that time had already dried up.Found on the surface of the shell has a date ready position - 1511In the monasteries of medieval books of Scotland, which are preserved in the Abbey of Paisley, have a record in 1541, mentions the game curling.Next date - in 1565, shows us two pictures belonging authored by Pieter Bruegel, which depicts Dutch peasants, enthusiastically playing on a frozen lake in a curling game that is very similar to curling.Considering that in the XVI century, the Netherlands and Scotland were closely related to the cultural, trade and economic ties, that was the reason for the spread game in Europe.Name curling, to which we are accustomed to today, caught only in the XVII century, when it has used in his poem Scottish poet Henry Adamson.According to researchers, it appeared from the verb curr, which means roar or a low growl.This sound is where granite sports equipment slips on the ice and catches the small protrusions on it, giving rise to the friction characteristic sound.Even today, in certain parts of Scotland often hear that name, as "the roaring game of stones."To get acquainted with the sport closer, we offer you online curling game that echo the classic version of the original and offer other opportunities to have fun.Games with realistic graphics and bulk operations are always of interest.That is why we recommend not to pass them by and take part in competitions, performing as one of the team members.Be a label and nimble, and victory will be yours.If you prefer a more free actions, while many entertainment stories are waiting for your participation.You can control the cow, which is trying to throw a stone into the house.Remember the saying about clumsiness cow on ice?So our cow very skillfully and cleverly kept at it!It requires quite a bit of your help to become a champion.If we are to have fun, so the full!You are four in Santa, which should be used instead of stone.Throwing them in the goal, try to get closer to the center as close as possible.The game has several levels and each becomes more difficult - will appear on the things that interfere with the game.But there are quite otvyaznye options.Imagine that you work in an office and terribly tired.You just vital to get distracted and do something incredible.Such an act would be curling game by employees.Dispersal properly and push the chair colleague down the long hallway that he drove to the goal and beat the opponent.The game is very fun and playful.In the life of a chef is not the behavior pat on the head, but in a computer game can do anything.Even in the pool you can play analog curling, pushing on air cushions animals.As always - you have to reach the goal, and score game points.We invite everyone to a process where the game curling free open before you the doors to a new fun, feeling and passion.Need to expand their horizons and learn something new.The only way you will be able to compare and choose what you like more.