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Game Scooby Doo Match 3  online
Scooby Doo Match 3

Games Scooby Doo

Game Scooby Doo Match 3  online
Scooby Doo Match 3
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Again, cartoon characters come to life in computer games.We are so accustomed to it that not only ceased to be surprised this phenomenon, but also look forward to new variations.Funny, exciting, lively and dynamic games with dog Scooby Doo and his friend Shaggy, are presented in this section.Scooby Doo games online - a series of stories with incredible adventures, in which get our friends.In the game "Scooby Doo.Ghost ship ", consisting of four parts, lots of puzzles and mysteries waiting for players who wanted to embark on a voyage.You'll solve puzzles, mazes and go to look for items.If you are not afraid of pirates, then go on a journey together with Shaggy and Scooby Doo, only when faced with adversity, do not say I did not warn you.It seems odd that the pirates have organized their lair at the bottom, but if you want to hide well, all methods are good, and to get to them, our friends have to go down to a depth of diving.But not all so simple.Even if all of a sudden it seemed that trouble left, they was right there again, and you have to dive into the abyss of a bathyscaphe waters.Only true heroes will be able to overcome the fear of danger, and come out victorious.You can beat the pirates and discover their secret.Here's how to do it, you learn only during the game.No less dangerous but at the same time, exciting adventures await our friends and you in the other four parts of the plot, about which you can, if you play the game Scooby Doo "The Lost City."Now before you lie the green and dense Amazon jungle, which are teeming with wildlife.Meeting with them, and crossing the river on a high will be your exams on survival.The plot is often throws up surprises and when, like, everything went well and you can rest.Everyone knows that Scooby Doo wildly afraid of ghosts.But when the fear of something so badly, it's sure you pursue.That Scooby constantly runs into these flying spirits.Hiding them in a cave, the friends were hoping for rescue, but the cave was quite ominous, and they have to look for an escape route.A new meeting place in a haunted labyrinth of ancient pyramids.Looking for a way to salvation, Shaggy and Scooby Doo Temple of Lost Souls find and learn his secret.But before they open the truth, a lot of traps and difficult tasks ahead.In other stories Shaggy and Scooby will be racing on the run and fight for the championship.Here, too, is not without ghosts, who are so much afraid of our Scooby.Scooby-Doo game - this flight competition to the collection of objects or catching them out of the river.And falling into an abandoned coal mine, our heroes try to come out with the trolley.In the mine has accumulated a lot of junk, and not to turn over at a high speed, and avoid collision with heaps of trash.During another game Scooby Doo at our hero, a new problem - it attacked the zombies down to his balls.But, if you help him shoot straight at him with darts, he will survive.Especially hard Scooby during the celebration of Halloween.All the fun, and he did not joking.His fear of monsters is irresistible, and when everything is dressed up in scary costumes, did not make out where the true monster, and where people dressed.Helping Scooby Doo collect sweets, avoid collisions with bats and demons.Play on our gaming site in the Scooby Doo games online for free yourself and invite your friends to have someone to share the experience.