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In June 2009, the company Radical Entertainment has released a fairly ambitious game, called Prototype.Ambitious advertising campaign, and the promise of a breakthrough in the gaming industry could not come to fruition.The game sold a good circulation, allowing developers to easily take up the sequel.What is a game?If you think about it, nothing special.The plot is not rife with surprises.New York has once again swept the epidemic that turns people into monsters, and eventually killing them.The main character was a miracle natural immunity to the virus, more than that, he received his ability, making him invincible.He did not remember anything about himself, but the name.During the game we had to figure out who he is, and find out the cause of the virus.This reason was our hero himself.In general, the plot was predictable and devoid of intrigue.But this is more than compensated for the fact that we gave the game itself.To run freely through the city, killing anyone right and left alone against whole armies ... Number of action in this game is going wild, and this fact, coupled with excellent graphics and the game brought success.Inspired by this success of their offspring, the authors game could not take up the sequel.In the second part, we play the role of the U.S. Army sergeant, who also possessed superhuman, of course thanks to the virus.Our hero thought that his family was killed in the previous epidemic, the culprit was a protagonist of the first game.Determined by all means was not avenge the death of loved ones (which in the end will be alive), our sergeant goes in search of the villain, simultaneously destroying and killing everything and everyone in its path.The second part of the game has not produced the same effect as the first, but, nevertheless, the failure happened.The second part came out lighter, has improved abilities, which occurred in the first version by performing side-quests, the second part was removed altogether.We were originally a ride almost to the maximum, in connection with which the performance is quite tedious job made no sense.The game was designed for a very powerful computers, all the same graphic was on the level.So it could not play it.But for those who really really wanted to try himself as infected superhero, came to the aid released shortly flash game prototype.Our site gives the owners the opportunity to run a little low-end PCs infected by the streets of New York, to come to grips with hostile soldiers, and just enjoy the game.