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Blockhead - a game with such a strange name is a fairly popular board game from the simple to master.It is not surprising that the noodle games online and got their distribution in the virtual version.In order to understand the success of the game bulldozer to get acquainted with its rules.They are fairly simple.The essence of the game is to find words placed based on the letters.Playing field in the classic version takes about four to five cells.However, there are options to the field seven by seven cells and even more.The difference between these games is only to increase the time to be spent on one game.Typically, online game play allows goosey with the computer, but in some games you can play with a live opponent.In the center of the playing field (in the classic version of the game) placed any word of five letters.Players then take turns adding one letter so that the resulting new words.There are certain requirements.Thus, the letters can be added only in the following directions of movement: up, down, left and right.You can not jump over the cage or move diagonally.Although, there are games in which the final rule is abolished, this version of the game where you can move diagonally called "royal."As for the requirements drawn up by the way, it should only be a household name in the singular noun and a nominative case.If the word is not used in the singular, it is possible to replace the plural.Of course, you make up a word must really exist.True, the vocabulary of many games is limited, however, and the few thousand words, which are included in the program are usually enough for a comfortable game.The meaning of the game is to score more points than your opponent.Points are earned for drawing up new words.For each letter of the word is charged one point.Therefore, the longer the word, the more it will receive for the player.The party continues as long as the letters are filled with empty cells playing field.However, sometimes there are situations when the cells are free, but players can no longer think of a single word.In this case, the game ends prematurely.In any case, wins the day, the player who was able to offer words consisting of a greater number of letters, and then get more points.So, if you like puzzle games and leisure interesting ponapryagat memory and imagination, you will definitely enjoy playing online noodle.Also, on our website you can play online for free Baldo, which allows to start another entertaining party without delay.