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Game Lightning McQueen Hidden  online
Lightning McQueen Hidden
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Back in 2006 the cinema has a new animated film by Pixar called "Cars."Like many works of these talented creators of animated cartoons, "Cars" made a big success in the box office.Animated film "Cars" tells the story of the world's most diverse machines that reproduce human relationships.The plot of the film is built around the adventures of the series NASCAR race car named Lightning Makvin.Lightning can not imagine my life without competition, because it was designed specifically for racing.During the race for the Piston Cup Grand Makvin comes to the finish line at the same time with the rivals, so that the sports event organizers decided to hold a crucial check on the road in California.On the way there, sleeping Makvin falls out of his trailer, and tries to find his way to the track.However, he is not very good, he is breaking a lot of rules, and, in the end, is behind bars in the small town of Radiator Springs, which is located on Highway 66.In the town of Lightning acquainted with the characters, who would later become his good friends.It should be noted that in many lightning Makvin game and then the adventures Makvina and his friends.An old rusty truck Mater, Doc Justice (formerly the great racer Hudson Hornet), Sally Beauty and many others help Lightning Makvinu in various games.As the animated film "Cars" was created with a focus on audiences of all ages, online games lightning Makvin interested as the youngest fans of flash games and grown players.As for the first, then they created a lot of interesting and educational games.In some of these games will carefully examine the frame of the cartoon and find all the hidden letters of the alphabet or numbers.In the other game will train your attentiveness and memory, and to find the differences between two nearly identical images.In another game, you can participate in the creation of the most animated film "Cars".In this case the player should have a number of black-and-white shots of the cartoon and a diverse collection of colors.You can try to paint the picture and make it as similar to those of the cartoon, as you can image in completely different colors, which makes the process very fun.Of course, since the movie "Cars" tells the story of Lightning Makvina passion for racing, the part of the flash games will be available to compete with friends and rivals in the intricate lines.And at times to win will not be easy, even in spite of the fact that games are created based on the cartoon.Thus, like the movie, games based on "wheelbarrows" like different age groups.