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Recently among virtual entertainment has become a popular genre of simulation games on various musical instruments.Of all these games particularly want to highlight simulator guitar.If you are interested in this genre, this section of our site will fit you perfectly.After the game play guitar online is very interesting.The story of the guitar goes back about the second millennium BC.What is interesting, for four thousand years, guitar and similar musical instruments were popular in various cultures around the globe.A new stage in the development of this tool can be considered as the 20th century, when the first electric light appeared.No exaggeration to say that this tool has a great influence on the development of not only music, but modern culture.Game dedicated to the guitar can be divided into several groups.Undoubtedly, the guitar has become a symbol of freedom of expression rights.After all, when we see a man with an electric guitar, right there is the image of popular rock musicians, whose behavior is often different from the accepted norms.It is difficult to say whether this is good or bad.But however that may be, the image of a man with a guitar always attracts attention.Therefore, in many flash games in this category, you will create the image of a guitarist or guitarist.And imagination is where carousing.Since the guitar consists of several parts, it is necessary to select them.Start with the guitar.It can be of different shapes and colors.You can select a body of classical acoustic guitar, and you can pick up a daring wedge housing.Under the body can pick up and a special stamp, because every great guitarist can afford to pick up a guitar for the order.Available as the selection of strings and their colors.The final stage of a sticker.There are also games that require the player's attention and good memory.Consistently be reproduced sound set, your task will be heard exact reproduction of the segment.Gradually the game difficulty increases, so will not be bored.And, of course, the most popular games that millions of people love to play - it's skill games.In this case, you have to fully play popular songs by legendary rock bands.The essence of the gameplay is as follows.Against the background of the image will float neck keys that must be pressed at the moment.With each combination of the number of points earned increases, as well as the speed of the game.To access the new songs to earn a certain amount of points.