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Games Rapunzel Tangled

Game Rachel Perfect Wedding  online
Rachel Perfect Wedding
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Disney movie "Tangled" tells of a princess with long hair and a magic solar straw inside.Evil women Gothel kidnapped the girl when she was a child, imprisoned her in a tower and hid from the eyes of others, talking about the terrible dangers of the outside world, to Rapunzel has always been in her power.But the case is brought to the princess thief Flynn, who not only helped Rapunzel escape to freedom, but also became her lover.On the basis of this cartoon were produced interesting computer games.They can become an active participant in the events in dreamland and help their favorite characters to avoid dangers.In the game of Rapunzel can control both the princess and the thief Flynn.The main purpose - to collect all bonuses and get to the end of the round, has never faced the guards.In rounds with Rapunzel to collect beautiful flowers.In this case, it can reach out to them with his long hair.And when the princess turns to the abyss, it can catch the hair to the branch of the tree and use it as a vine.Flynn collects posters announcing his search.They hung on the trunks, and the thief is not proper to leave them untouched.Flynn could escape from the guards, if hide behind bushes special - then the soldiers simply did not notice and pass by.The game is about Rapunzel take place in different places of the country cartoon - in the woods or caves.If the princess or her lover will approach the guards, they will attack them, and the game is over losing.The more the game will be collected posters and flowers, the more bonus points will be recorded to the player's account.So you can try to set records and trying to get through each level in the shortest time.There are other toys that are based on "Tangled."For example, the playing field is loaded with scenes pictures of the cartoon, and the player has to mouse clicks to find small pieces of the image, repeating the image on the small box to the bottom.The level ends when all the parts of the scene will conjecture will be found.Then, you can start playing with the other pictures.As playing with Rapunzel and Flynn suggest finding numbers or letters of the alphabet, scattered pictures with your favorite heroes.They are not easy to find, and you have to be patient, to be a champion in this entertainment.Tangled Rapunzel game you can play in this section of the site.Cartoon characters need your support, because they face so many dangers, and their joint happiness depends on your gaming skill and dexterity.