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For many people the word "stalker" is either unfamiliar or little means.But there are those for whom this word hides a storm of emotions, memories, and fantasies.It is the latter with hunting stalker will play online for free.In popular culture image of a stalker penetrated by a surprising amount of the product of the Strugatsky brothers' Roadside Picnic ".The book describes the area that abounds with abnormalities of unknown origin.The central characters are the product of stalkers.This modern hunters for the money, for the profit risk their lives in dangerous anomalies.Later saw the light adaptation of the book called "Stalker".A new wave of interest in the subject of dangerous adventures stalkers revived the computer game of the same name.It as the cause of abnormal areas indicate the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant.But the truth was much more complicated and confusing.What is interesting, is on this game were written new books, and made flash games.Flash games on the subject of adventure turned stalker diverse.You should start with the shooters.They players have to wade through the area, ensuring their survival.And this is not so easy.After all, in addition to building area anomalies, has changed beyond recognition inhabitants.Under the action of an unknown force, they have mutated and changed beyond recognition.Familiar wild and domestic animals, and people are either victims or dangerous predators.That's the latest we'll have to deal with.By genre action games can also be considered, and the race for the exclusion zone.In this case, stalkers will acquire vehicles to make it easier to survive the attack monsters, as well as to remove Zone limits as many expensive artifacts.Of course, the spirit of the books, movies and games about stalkers involves the creation of role-playing games.They player can choose a character, give it the skills, as well as take care of the necessary equipment.Gameplay or aims to achieve a certain area of ​​the anomalous zone, or earning a certain amount of money.You can earn money by performing various tasks or trading artifacts.And in the beginning of the game is hard to find expensive artifacts, because most of them have picked up other stalkers.So you should save up for a better protective suits and more powerful guns and go to the heart of the zone.It was there that the rarest artifacts are stored, as well as many secrets.So, if you like the atmosphere dystopia and technological disasters, as well as the spirit of the search of adventure and the struggle for survival, the flash games stalker you just will not disappoint.Choose any!

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