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Games Diego and Dasha

Significant place in the education of the children now occupy cartoons and computer games.It is through interactive feed kids quickly mastered the material.Therefore, on television you can find many cartoons, which is not only fun, but also teach children.One of the most successful children's educational cartoon animated series is "Dasha-traveler" (or "Dasha ranger").From 2000 to 2008, was released 97 years of the series of 24 minutes each.Feature movie "Dasha-traveler" is what he playfully teaches children to count, to talk in English, and to behave in different situations.Of course, on television have been similar projects, but in this animated series heroine - a girl Dasha - constantly seeks the help of his young viewers.Children should tell the traveler what to do, what words to say, to indicate how much of an item is located on the screen.With the popularity of cartoon adventures Dashi-traveler was transferred to the computer.So everyone can play games and Dasha Diego directly to our site.As in the cartoon, the flash games Dasha goes to the next trip.In this case, it always helps tireless companion - Map.Having studied the route, Dasha know about the obstacles in the way, or trapping puzzles.Each journey Dasha help her faithful friends: Monkey Slipper, squirrel named Tico, a little bull Boris, Train, Isa the iguana and red fox Rogue.In many situations, Dasha could not cope without the backpack and Maps.What is interesting, fox Crook and then tries to steal something from Dasha and hide it.In this case, Dasha will need your help.As many games Dasha faces squirrel Tico and Mr. toucans.The fact that they only speak English, and so Dasha in dealing with them may also need your help.In complex adventures Dashi comes to help her cousin, her eight named Diego.Often playing Diego and Dasha tell of difficult situations, which helps to understand the computer Diego, which contains important information about a variety of animals.Usually games Diego and Dasha different genres.Here you can meet a variety of puzzles and puzzle games, and even coloring.Combine these games as cartoon characters, chief among which are the Dasha and Diego.In addition, these games are not only interesting and fun, but also allow you to find something new.And what could be better than an entertaining and relaxed learning?So the games presented in this section of our site is the best fit for the youngest visitors.