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Play the fool one of the most fun casino card.At the hands of each participant receives six cards, the rest are stacked in a pile, and the bottom one is placed upside down.This is the "trump card" - color, which in this scenario would be more powerful than all the rest.The game begins one with the hands will be the smallest trump card.He puts one of his cards on the table and her opponent must "beat" - put the top card of the suit, but the higher the value, or any ace.Then everyone can throw on the table yet and their cards.For example, was based on the six, the player has beaten off eight - all means at the table who have six or eight of any suit can post it and beat and will have to beat them.If it is not possible or he wants to reserve your cards, you can take all the cards that have been laid out in the party itself, but it will significantly increase the number of their cards.If, after the draw, players have less than six cards, they take new ones from the deck.Wins the one who was the first to lay out all his cards.The loser is the one who has the latest on the hands will still be the card.Playing cards to fool the computer can under the rules of the classic game.The system distributes the cards between the players and the players put them on the playing field, throwing up and fighting in every draw.It certainly can not be afraid that someone watches someone you over my shoulder and know what kind of color you need to put to ruin your game.Playing the fool can play at the same time 2.4 participants.If you play with the computer, you can choose the number of opponents.In special settings to the party, you can also specify whether it is a simple game in which you must fight back and take all the cards in the hand, or transfer a fool, in which you can put the card on your opponent, if you have on hand will be the same card, which you planted.That is, if you want to beat the king, but you see the king in his other suit, you can put it on the table and then the one who threw the card, will have to fend off both.Although keep in mind that he has the opportunity to do the same, and then you have to find the answer is already on three kings or pick them yourself, that in the above case is not such a bad decision.Play online for free you can fool people from all over the world - it takes time to go to the network and start the game.In computer games, you can choose the design of cards or table, run a passing music.Card game fool can be found in this section of the site.Develop unique gaming tactics, physical trumps and get rid of stuff, consider rivals or play cards at random - most importantly, to make the game a joy and a pleasure.