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Card games are popular for quite a long time.And play cards like completely different people, regardless of gender, income and age.As card games invented a lot of humanity, then there is need for their classification.Usually, card games are divided into several types.The first type is the game based on mathematical calculations and requires a player ingenuity.These games include: a thousand, bridge, whist, whist, screw.These games are quite complex and require some training for a successful game.In addition, the bridge is the only officially recognized sports card game.The first group of games includes a smart game.The second type of card games include gambling card games.In their success in the game is determined not only intellectual ability player, but good luck.This type includes the following games: poker, blackjack, baccarat, a drunkard and many other games.Typically, gambling are very popular because they can gamble in a casino, playing the clubs and in the championships at various levels.In addition, the very popular online version of the above games.There is another classification, which are playing cards and skidyvanie rebound or just a rebound.This category includes the popular game "The Fool."To play the fool with a deck of 36 cards, and sometimes 52.Number of participants - from two to six players, and in some cases up to eight.At the beginning of the game each player is dealt six cards.Next After the cards, or any other of the deck is not handed out a trump.The goal is to get rid of all the cards.The player with the cards remaining in the hands of the remains "a fool."If not, is considered a draw.There are many versions of the game in the cold.One of the most popular is a Snap.In Snap you can play through some nuances in the rules.In this game, you can walk to any number of cards of the same rank.In addition, the player who walked, has the ability to throw up any cards of equal dignity that are on the table.In view of this rule, how to walk, and to fight back with extreme caution so as not to help the contestants lose all the cards before anyone else.Of course, play Snap fun in a big company.If this is not possible, then you can always start a card game against a virtual opponent to choose a suitable game of the provided on our website.After all, the computer opponent can make good competition almost any real-life players.