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Games Naruto Fighting

Many anime TV series devoted to the history of becoming great warriors.Was no exception and the story of Naruto, who dreams of becoming a famous fighter.If you enthusiastically watching the adventures of Naruto on TV, then you will love Naruto fighting game.Naruto is one of the most famous anime series of our time.The series, which premiered on October 3, 2002 in the Japanese TV channel, was based on the story of popular Japanese manga Naruto.To date, the anime cartoon series includes nine seasons and 220 episodes, the last of which was shown in February 2007.However, the release of the anime Naruto did not stop there.Due to the huge popularity of stories in the same February 2007 a new series about the adventures of Naruto, called "Naruto: Hurricane Chronicles".To date, this series has 13 seasons and 285 episodes.Given the great interest of the audience for adventure boy Naruto is not surprising that based on the universe was started, not only cartoons and animated films, and games.A special place among flash games take Naruto fighting game online.Naruto's popularity can be attributed to the history of an excellent study of the world in which the main character lives.This world, though it is made up, resembles feudal Japan.The world is divided into small independent states run by feudal daimyo.The main military power of each state are the "Hidden Village", which settle ninja.At the head of these settlements is independent ruler - Kage.That Kage wants to be Naruto.For this purpose he trains and fights tirelessly.That is the purpose of this talk Naruto fighting games online.The specifics of the genre of fighting a certain effect on the story in these games.Often, it is not as such.However, we can assume that Naruto fighting game play will basically fans of the series who know by heart the story of the universe Naruto.As presented on our site flash games Naruto to fight the enemies, known for anime.In addition, players will often take part in boxing training in which Naruto match themselves with their friends.In addition to serious gaming, there are also quite a fun project.For example, in one of the games will have to fight with opponents, throwing snowballs at them.In the other game will have to fight the dragon sitting.In general, the options of the plot - the mass.So, if you watched with interest the adventures of Naruto manga and anime series, as well as adore the fight, as a genre of flash games, Naruto fighting game you'll definitely enjoy.They are interesting, dynamic and with Naruto and his friends in the lead roles!