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Usually, Santa Claus does not need help in the delivery of holiday gifts.But in the game world, he can not do it without your support, otherwise it will fail the mission.Usually a game with Santa Claus have a single goal - to deliver presents to every child and avoid possible dangers on the road.For this spry grandfather in a fur coat uses a variety of devices.It can be as classic sleigh with reindeer, and cutting-edge machines.Santa Claus rides easily on the bike, scooter, and sometimes can even ride the rocket.Grandpa often prevent evil elves who want to steal all the presents, and sometimes he can not get to the children because of impassable snow.Can you deal with thieves and help keep all the gifts safe.And, of course, skillfully wielding a mouse and keys on the keyboard, you can easily clear the way for Santa Claus.Playing Santa Claus - it's also a lot of logical problems.For example, once the New Year somewhere zapropastilsya, and without you there is no hope to find him.Or break a special toy and can be repaired, if you can figure out the puzzle.Often, in order to deliver all the presents in time, Santa Claus uses a very original methods.He, for example, can charge the toy in a bazooka and shoot it into the house to the right child.Or ride a powerful motorcycle and race on bumps and jumps, if only every kid got his attention.Although as a grandfather might, there are still children, unhappy with his gifts.And for them, there is a special game - they can avenge the insult by throwing in Santa Claus sundries or join him in a fair fight.Not always Christmas and New Year games are held with Santa Claus (or its sister Western Santa Claus).Quite often, all his work is done by dedicated elves.Although the obstacles to their work no less, and again, only with your help they can overcome them.Although even Santa Claus and all his helpers need rest.In between the holidays Grandpa snowboarding, bowling, and other interesting fun.Among the games about Santa Claus a lot of colorings, which can cause the color to black and white pictures, both the grandfather or his assistants, and all that is connected with the New Year.Many games offer assemble jigsaw puzzles, or to help make a Snow Maiden Pre purchase.There is also a dress up game where you can find Santa Claus new fashionable coat or dress in festive costumes snowmen and elves.In this section of the site you can find a variety of Christmas games, help Santa Claus in his difficult mission and delivery of gifts at any time of the year to recharge merry mood winter holidays.