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Help superheroes in battle with evil - it is not only noble, but also very exciting.In the game you control Super Cow cute Burenkov, dressed superhero mask and save ourselves from the solar valley Professor duriarti malicious pranks.He escaped from prison, took innocent people farm and began a horrific experiments on them.Many have become the victim and began to serve him.Fortunately, that is not afraid of Super Cow challenges and boldly rushes into battle to save his friends from captivity and to stop evil plans duriarti.Super cow games online - it is bright and cheerful walker.Cow runs the farm and flower fields, climbs on high ledges and climb over the wide chasm.Along the way she collects valuable coins, diamonds, beautiful, delicious fruit and useful kit.She also met the enemy and if a cow with them face, the stock of its vitality decreases.When it reaches zero, the cow will lose a life, and the level should be held again.Resumption of the game is super cow or from the start of phase, or with a special sleeping place of growth of the fungus - if a cow on the road and found a wake, after the loss of life, it will be in this place.To counter the crazed snails, snarling dogs, and other evil minions professors enough to jump on top of them.After that, they not only disappear from the path of a superhero, but also give a new cow piggy bank coin.To restore the cow power to build packages with super yogurt and feed her apples, plums and other fruits that fall from the trees, if jump under them.Play Super Cow must be very carefully, trying to search every corner of the virtual farm.Can often be found hiding places with a lot of coins, diamonds or even more heart-life.In the game there are secrets that are not so easy to find - they hide behind walls and bushes.At the end of a game round cow sees the report, which clearly shows how many coins, diamonds, gold and secrets were collected, and how much is missing.If you prefer, you can replay the round again.To the game super cow play online for free, you need to wield the arrows on the keyboard - so all movements are controlled superheroine with udder.To stop the Professor and save the solar valley to get 56 game levels, divided into 10 stages.Initially through the levels is given very easy, but gradually enemies and secret plots will be more.At the end of each stage of the cow makes a friend, and he tells her about the cruel intentions of professor.Play the game super cow can in this section of the site.Feel like a superhero and let tremble all virtual villains.