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Beautiful fairies from the animated series "Winx Club" like to try all sorts of outfits is not less than the real girls.And you can help your favorite heroine become more fashionable and beautiful.Winx dress up games offer a huge variety of all kinds of skirts, shirts, shoes, dresses, jewelry and accessories that you can try on cartoon fairies in various combinations.And it's not limited to clothing.You can pick up your hair for beautiful fairy: Try bangs, which will emphasize the beauty of her face, to make a long train of her flowing hair, to see how will look small plaits or stylish short haircut.With just one click, you can make your fairy blonde or brunette, dye her hair a bright red color, or even the mysterious blue-violet hue.Some games for girls dress up Winx not limited hairdressing creativity and allow you to try the role of a professional makeup artist.They can choose the color and shape of the eyes, the shape of the lips, the shape of eyebrows and put on the face of the heroine nice easy glow.The clothes Winx girls usually prefer small t-shirts, light dresses, short skirts and comfortable shoes.You can find her designs out: maybe it will be colored lace, light striped shirt or elaborate cape over his shoulders.The skirt is also an important part of the style of the Winx Club fairies.Try it, as it looks denim mini-skirt, a bright skirt with pleats of fabric, seductive fitting skirt with lace at the bottom of the waves.Or maybe you prefer the pants?Then the fairy can dress or short shorts, pants or stylish, or to try different styles of women's pants.Of course, the dress Winx-beauty would not be complete without a decent shoes.You can try as her legs look boots, lightweight sandals, high heels or comfy slippers.Along with the clothes, you should consider also of jewelry and accessories that play Winx Dress, offer a great variety: stylish handbags, necklaces, earrings, barrettes.Think any girl would not refuse to have such a variety of things so beautiful.Winx fairies from watching not only for his wardrobe, but also for its main pride - beautiful wings.Dress Up Games Winx offer you to choose different shapes and shades of the wings so that they are most harmoniously with all the beautiful fairy dress.In this section of the site you can try a different game with the heroines dress Winx Club, where your choice, offering stylish themed outfits, hairstyles and makeup options charming.