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Games Supermarket Mania

To work in the supermarket you can not even leaving your home, simply by downloading the computer game "Supermarket Mania" and taking on the role of a young girl saleswoman.In the supermarket people come in, wanting to buy a variety of products.It is very important to approach the counter, they found it full, or they stand up a little bit and then go away, leaving no money on hand.The player's task in most games in the series supermarket - it's time to fill the shelves of goods.The screen is easy to see is whether the cheese, milk, bananas, cabbage, or something else.Just one click is enough to make a girl-saleswoman ran up to the counter with his truck and laid out the necessary amount of food.But the truck is empty, then will have to go to the store and fill it.Supermarket Mania play online you need to quickly and carefully, because customers do not like to wait.When buyers come over them icon appears with a picture of the desired product.And rare that they go to the store at a time - rather it is a great shaft customers, each of which must remain satisfied.Buyers come in different types and have different preferences.Grannies are very slow and patient, a girl to shop faster, but do not want to have to wait, if the counters are empty.The most impatient - young people.They quickly go between the windows and leave the store very quickly.When the store is a lot of people, they can throw trash on the floor, and the task of the player time to collect.Must click on the trash and then carry it to the trash tank.In the game of supermarket has many layers.Gradually increase the number of customers, and sometimes thieves will come and adolescent bullies.Salesgirl have to watch them, and induced them to clean up the mess.Gradually increase the number of stalls, for which you need to follow the worker.At first she worked in a large corporation, but then dismissed it and continues his career in a small business.There's a player not only fills the shelves, but also helps to improve the device store - buy new equipment, put extra trays, carts, improving the warehouse.The better the equipment, the more money will bring the working day, and the more likely buyers will come to this store.There are many games in the series supermarket mania.They need to take care of the bookstore shelves with delicious on bread or other goods.Many of the games differ only in graphics, music, and the essence of the gameplay is the same.After working in a virtual supermarket, earn a lot of money and make your shop the most prosperous in the whole game world.