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Freddy Fish - a small yellow fish that lives in the ocean and is friends with a green fish Luther.For the first time these characters have appeared in old computer games for children.Main hobby Freddie Fish and Luther's friend - Detective.All that is happening around and gets out of the usual order of things, immediately attracts the attention of our heroes.In his time playing adventure Freddie and Luther were very popular among children from different countries.Feature game play these games is a great cartoon style graphics, and exciting stories that reveal all sorts of secrets.So, Freddy tries to help everyone around her deep sea dweller.For example, in one of the games at the sea creatures were stolen seed stock of algae that is grown for human consumption.Is to track the offender can only Freddie.That's why for her help and treat marine inhabitants.And do not doubt that with the help of malicious abduction mystery player will be revealed.In another story we have to deal with this mysterious situation.The fact that the school pupils and teachers-fry fish scare a ghost.Find out all the details again taken Freddie with the Assistant Luther.In addition, during the investigation may seek the assistance of other fish that have witnessed the events.All add up to a full picture.Whatever strange events did not occur with the inhabitants of the deep sea Freddie and Luther are always ready to help.Our friends will help place the Sea Festival, finding a stolen big sea shells and villains, it was stolen.Marine gang detectives expose Salt Gulch, and also learn how the monster hiding in Coral Bay.So all the mysteries of the ocean would be discovered and decent marine inhabitants can sleep peacefully.It is worth noting that all the games from the series of adventures Freddie Fish and Luther performed at a high level.Puzzles found our heroes, not so easy to solve.This will have to communicate with other members of the marine fauna and apply found during the adventure items.And many of the items will be combined with each other, or are not used as standard, which adds excitement gameplay.Complete the picture of nice graphics and excellent sounds that create the atmosphere of the sea depths.So, play online fish Freddie is very interesting due to fun gameplay.What is interesting, the game about adventures like Freddie, not only children but also growns players thanks to the excellent atmosphere and interesting puzzles.And the best flash games can be found on our website.

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