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Games Worms

It is difficult to imagine, but many legendary computer games appeared in the last century or even millennium.However, they served as the main engineer for modern games, and many of them have been reborn in modern portable devices, and in the form of flash games.One of these games have worms games online.Today, there are many remakes of "Chervyakov» (Worms).If you want to play Worms, this section of our website is designed specifically for you.Of course, these games are different from the original PC series, but there are also things in common.Of course, the popularity games worms found not only because of attractive characters and scenery, fun music and sound hurried.The root of the success of the game mechanics.The essence of the game is to destroy the enemy team.The battle between the two teams are funny creatures at a time.Each worm has an impressive arsenal of deadly weapons, and often absurd, which will help to get rid of rivals.Due to the fact that the battles take place in steps, in "When Worms" is not just a place to turn skills uncompromising rivalry, but also strategic talent.And it only adds to the game interesting points.Cheerful and good-natured with a squeaky voice worms crawled out of the ground on the warpath.At their disposal a variety of weapons from bows, pistols, rifles and machine guns to rocket launchers, mines, grenades and powerful explosive devices.There are also a variety of devices and auxiliary character.For example, the playing field can be moved by harpoons, ropes, rigs and even teleport.And in order to defend against enemy napalm and carpet bombing, you can even build a shelter that will live a little longer.It should be noted that the weapons in the game does damage indiscriminately: the enemy, and his.That is why before each shot should think about the consequences.After all, one must not only aim from distance to the target, but the landscape and even the wind direction and speed.Though the need to think two steps ahead, it does not make the game boring.On the contrary, the battles of worms are very exciting and fun to some unhealthy atmosphere.It is not surprising that this game was continued in numerous flash games.And in many of these involved new heroes, and other destructive weapons funny and fresh decoration.And to join this exciting battles, just run free worms games online, in this section of our website.Believe me, it is very easy and convenient!