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Games Marvelous garden

What would you do if you would suddenly become the owner of a large garden and an old mansion?Probably would have taken for improvement of their new possessions to make it the nicest place in the world where a good time, enjoying the view of beautiful flowers and trees, the sound of water in the fountain, the taste of their own fruit.If it does not happen in real life, you can work out in the computer game Brave garden.In the story, the player inherits a beautiful garden and a huge house.But both are in a strong desolation.Sprung a leak in the garden fence, the dry pond, dog houses collapsed, and instead of beautiful plants grow only weeds.The mansion was littered with all sorts of old things, from which there is absolutely no room in space.But, as it turned out, this is no reason for grief, and a great opportunity for creativity and earnings.To arrange your garden, you can buy a lot of new useful and beautiful things.Stylish wrought-iron fence, an arbor, a cozy pond.Can be planted in beds of colorful flowers, along the tracks - lovely trees.Maybe you want to relax on the comfortable benches, hanging out in the evenings in the scattered light or admire vskhodyaschimi vegetables in the beds?But for decorating the garden needs money.And just to come here to help older mountains of unnecessary things in the rooms of the mansion.By clicking on the "Start" button in the lower right corner, you find yourself in different rooms of their new home and arrange it a profitable sale.Fortunately, that did not need to look for buyers - they huddle in line to find useful things.These sales will require care, because to find the required scattered everywhere among things can be difficult.You can use the tips, but they have to pay for out of general revenues.Among the things you can find gold coins - click on them and take away in her purse.Sometimes there are special game tasks.For example, to find 15 small lamps in the garage or in the basement of 15 bottles.When accumulated enough money, go back to the garden, and choose one of the options for its arrangement.Each building or decorative objects, you can choose the right price and style.If you experience any difficulties, you can use the tips of his gardener - he always knows what it cost to build in the garden and what plants to plant now stands.In the marvelous garden to play online is extremely interesting.There are many levels and abilities.In addition, with this game you can dream about settling a real garden - who knows, maybe with the training sale of unnecessary things like the purchase will be quite possible.