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Game Lines 98 online
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As you know, lines 98 games online are one of the most popular puzzle games of today.Often, this game is simply called "balls".Certainly, many of the active gamers exactly Lines game one of the first 98 games, with which enthusiastic computer games.Game Lines is very interesting, exciting and very simple.It allows you to perfectly relax from daily work and the monotony of everyday life.To date lines play like in the office, and the main audience of the game are the people who work in offices.Because we have such people in working hours often formed five or ten minutes to spare when you need something to occupy yourself.At such times, people start playing online line and have a great time.Rules of the game are quite simple.The main objective of the game is to remove balls of the line of balls from the playing field the size of nine by nine.At the time of removal you will earn a certain amount of points.Each turn the player must move one ball in order to build the line.The line can be diagonal or straight, and must consist of five balls of the same color.Can be six, seven, and so on, but not less than five.If a player is able to build a line of five or more matching balls, they disappear from the line, and the player is given an extra turn, that is, he is able to move another ball, with new balls are not yet appear.In the event that the ball does not move to complete the construction line, there are new balls, and the game will continue until such time as the field is not filled completely balls.In general, you'll love to play ball games in the line, so enjoy this wonderful puzzle game.In a game in order to score the most points, you need maximum concentration and attention, otherwise you will not be able to notice a good combination of balls, which could be built.You should not miss such a course, which can be as successful.Many players analyze the situation on the field for a few minutes to evaluate it and decide which course is best to do.And many do not consider, and make such a move, which comes first in the head.And these are people who have long played the game, quickly take the right decision and can quickly see the smallest details, and can count on the game several moves ahead.It's not easy to play without mistakes in this complex, but interesting game!