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Recently, the world of online gaming has become a popular game called «Farmerama».This simulation game from the farm.Farmerama online game entirely devoted to agriculture and farming.After you run this great flash game, you immediately become a real farmer.In this game there is no fighting battles and fights.In not find weapons here wear no armor.Instead of armor, the main character wears a T-shirt and hat, and in his hands he had no axes, swords, and hoes and shovels.The atmosphere in this game is balanced and calm, because you'll have to farm.Each player will get its own station, where he is to grow fruits, vegetables, cereals and more.Also, the player will engage in animal husbandry.What village can not do without pigs, chickens and other animals?Everything in this game is green, grunts and cackles.The market regularly boils trade, farmers sell animals and harvest crop, and bought all the necessary items to their new sunset.As we know, life on the farm is never easy.And in the online game farmerama you will have no time to relax.The player's task will be to regularly engage in the development of its economy, and try to make the farm as possible.Colorful world farmerama a very real village with all the chicken coops, pigsties and orchards.This is a magic country with fertile land and beautiful scenery.Many of us just wants to be in a position to feel all his comfort and peace.As a nice extra, during the game you will hear a pleasant, relaxing melody, which may help you to raise animals, and more productively engage in cultivation of various crops.However, if you do not feel like listening to this song, you can always just turn off in the game settings.Farmerama will appeal to most fans of the game about the farm and the fact that it is very diverse.In addition, only in it you will find a huge range of animals, plants, and, not least, the elements upgrade farm.In short, with this game, you will not be bored!If you're not frightened by the prospect of a long time to get caught up in this game, then we invite you to play it right now.Play it you can on our website is absolutely free.You can do this in the window of your web browser, which is very convenient and does not require you to action, such as installing the game.