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Games Akinator

Many Internet users are already familiar with the wonderful good genie, has a rare gift.This genie called Akinator and he can read minds!He knows as much as ten languages, including Russian, and lives on the Internet.Akinator play that on our website, can guess any character you he think of.This is the essence of the game.You propose a character.For example, it could be a real person, a literary hero, a fictional character from the movie, TV show host, and so on.Next Akinator, looks very similar to the genie asks you a few questions.Akinatora questions, you must answer "yes", "no", "may", "do not know" or "rather no than yes."All questions asked gin, are suggestive.For example, "a character you man?"," Your character have a family?"," Your character speaks in Russian?"," Your character up?"," Your character is black?"," Your character in films?"," Your character has a mustache?"And so on.After some thought, Akinator will give you the answer, and you will be surprised to know that the answer is correct.You are free to play Akinator, and make sure that in 99 percent of cases, it gives the right answer.If he suddenly made a mistake, it usually gives the answer on the second try.For example, in our case Akinatoru could guess Bill Gates, Michael Galustyan, Usain Bolt, Master Yoda, Mickey Maussa and many other characters, even obscure.You can sit in front of a computer all day, thinking of various politicians, robots, historical figures, athletes, actors, Pokemon, leading, and constantly wonder, "How is it possible to guess so!".If suddenly happen that Akinator knows your character, you can make it yourself in the base.This game has become very popular in 2008 and has not lost relevance.You bet!After all, there are always new celebrity who quickly learn Akinator and he always guesses!Those wishing to play "guessing" with Akinatorom quite a lot and sometimes the server on which this game is faltering.However, now you can play it on our website, which does not fail ever!Play with it at least a few times, and you find that it really keeps track of your thoughts!Of course, the virtual magician will not take a penny from you for the right to play with them.With Akinatorom can play all day for free!