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Games Diamond Atlantis

As we know, Atlantis is a legendary island, which was located in the Atlantic Ocean, which is inhabited by the powerful and Atlanta.This was an entire civilization, which is several steps ahead of the development of the rest of the world.But one unfortunate day the island sank to the bottom of the sea as a result of floods and earthquakes.Now, no one knows whether this is true legend.However, modern computer games allow you to plunge into the atmosphere of Atlantis, which probably existed thousands of years ago on this planet.Diamond Atlantis games online are perfect logic games, where you go on this mysterious island to find the ancient relics of the civilization.These relics were created by Atlanta, and you have the opportunity to go into the past to get them.Atlantis is the diamond of the game, after which instantly flies free time.It's all very exciting and very easy.In order to collect the artifacts, you need to move the figures on the field in a series of three or more.That is your job to move out of your on the field there was a continuous chain of three chips.Also, do not miss the opportunity to use special bombs that you can create your own if you will form a chain of four elements.It is not so easy as it seems, because some chips have grown into the skeletons of sunken ships and the remains of the buildings, so they can not move.Start playing the game as soon as possible, and in front of you waiting for more than a hundred different levels, which can take place in two main game modes, as well as four additional ones.At its discretion, have the option to choose one of three difficulty levels.This makes the game equally interesting for both beginners and advanced seekers prilyucheny.Also in this exciting puzzle game you can make extraordinary journey through the many ancient Mediterranean countries, such as Troy, Greece, Babylon, Egypt, Phoenicia, Carthage and Rome.In the end, you'll find seven artifacts almighty power of Poseidon - the patron god of the inhabitants of Atlantis.On each of the one hundred levels, you can see the great number of precious gems of all hues and colors.Another advantage of this flash game is that it does not need to be installed on your computer.Enough just to open a page of our website and enjoy this wonderful game!