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As you know, the drum is one of the oldest musical instruments.Our ancestors constantly drummed during certain events.It certainly is the most popular drum percussion instruments.It is common in most countries of the world, and is used in almost all musical ensembles.After the drum gives a special style of music of almost any genre.Perhaps for this reason, percussion musical instruments are one of the most popular instruments in the world.Cost just go to the music forums and read announcements.The vast majority of ads are the headline, "promising band looking for a drummer," or something like that.Good drummers are not many, and virtuoso drummers little find.The technique of playing this instrument in our time has reached incredible heights, and modern drummers demonstrate just great wonders of ownership drum.But do not forget that the drum is a very popular musical instrument in children and many fans.Of course, a virtuoso to play on it with fans do not work, but some can tap out the rhythm of simple even a child!Therefore, computer drums online games are quite popular in the Internet space.The drums are not just child's play, because they are taught to feel the rhythm in any musical composition.Each ring has four drum rhythm, where the first is the most stressed out.This will tell you not just any drummer, but any dancer, because, as you know, popular dances, beautiful elements and shapes is performed on the first accented account, which is sometimes accompanied by drum beats sticks.It looks very nice.By the way, many novice dancers Spin game to learn how to better define this focus any melody!In addition, these games just like those people who love to drum, or knock any rhythm.So, if you want to learn how to play this popular musical instrument, or want to develop your ear for music, or just want to have fun, then playing with the drums always at your service.On our site you have a nice, even and free opportunity to drum.You will love what is on our website, because we have a lot of interesting and exciting games.All for you!Have fun!